23 Awesome Facts You Never Knew About 'Full House'

full house

We've been dreaming of a Full House reunion since the show went off air. And this weekend, we finally got one—sort of.

Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky) shared pictures of the cast reuniting at creator Jeff Franklin's birthday party. Uncle Jesse, Stephanie, DJ, Kimmy Gibbler, the gang was back in full force. They even performed the show's theme song, "Everywhere You Look."

It's been almost 20 years since we waved goodbye to Danny Tanner and the Full House cast, but thankfully, you can't flip on your TV today without finding a rerun playing somewhere.

During its eight seasons, Full House introduced us to the magic that is John Stamos (and his hair), we saw the Olsen twins grow up before our very eyes, and Kimmy Gibbler taught us about being a true BFF. 

But what don't you know about your favorite family show? Check out these 23 fun facts:

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen landed the role of Michelle because they were the only two babies who didn't cry during the auditions.

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Bob Saget wasn't the original Danny Tanner. (Gasp!) There is an unaired pilot starring John Posey as Danny.


Did you know that DJ's boyfriend Steve is the voice of Aladdin? Mind. Blown.


The show was originally about three comics living together titled House of Comics, but since family sitcoms were trending at the time, they decided to change the concept of the show, and thus Full House was born.


Jesse Frederick, who is responsible for the Full House theme song, also created the theme songs for Family Matters, Step by Step and Perfect Strangers.

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Can't tell the difference between Mary-Kate and Ashley on the show? Ashley has a freckle above her lip, so you can tell when she is playing Michelle!


Uncle Jesse's last name was changed from Cochran to Katsopolis after season one because of John Stamos's very Greek roots.


Thankfully, John Stamos also changed his character from Uncle Adam to Uncle Jesse before the first episode aired!


Comet the dog is actually Buddy, the original Air Bud!


Looking to visit the Tanner home in person? It's located at 1709 Broderick Street in San Francisco.


There is only one episode that was actually taped in San Francisco.


There was indeed supposed to be a 9th season. However, due to network changes, most of the cast started announcing they weren't coming back. They decided to end the show versus losing their main cast members.


The creators saw Jodie Sweetin in Valerie and created the role of Stephanie Tanner with her in mind for the part.


In the beginning of the show the producers didn't want the audience to know that Michelle was played by twins, so they credited the girls as Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen.

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Throughout the first season, the mannequin in Joey's room always wears the same shirt that Dave is wearing in the episode.


A young Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen used to call their Full House cast mates by their character names so they didn't mess up during filming.


Lori Loughlin, aka Becky Donaldson, was only supposed to appear in six episodes, but the audience liked her so much, the producers made her a series regular.


Uncle Joey used to date Alanis Morissette. In fact, their breakup inspired her to write the hit song "You Oughta Know," which to this day is still one of our favorite breakup songs.


Although great buds now, John Stamos and Bob Saget weren't the best of friends off-screen in the beginning of the show!


By 1991 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were making $25,000 an episode … each!

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Bob Saget was known for his raunchy stand-up material and would sometimes get in trouble for the language and jokes he made on set, especially because he would forget kids were around.


Dave Coulier and Bob Saget first met at a comedy show in 1979. When Dave first moved out to LA, he called Bob and lived on his couch!


The Olsen twins almost quit after season one. Their mother was worried about them having a "normal" childhood, so producers forked over a major salary raise to keep the kiddos.