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15 Of The Best Kimmy Gibbler Quotes For All The Die-Hard Full House Fans

best kimmy gibbler quotes

If you were a fan of the beloved show Full House you knew about the annoyingly charming neighbor that was Kimmy Gibbler. She had a way of getting herself into trouble and managed to pester everyone in the process. But she was still always likable, someone you would want to hang out with. 

Kimmy has been a staple of the show even in the new rendition of Fuller House. Many people claim she is still the best character for her one-liners, hilarious jokes, and juvenile antics. 

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You could count on Gibbler to keep things real, she said what she was thinking even if it was a bit cringeworthy. 

Here are the best Kimmy Gibbler quotes to keep you laughing. 

1. We can all relax, she has arrived.


2. Just trying to help her friend out. 

3. She loves her Swayze.

4. Flirting came naturally to her. 

5. When she burned Danny Tanner. 

6. *Twelve hours later* 

7. Uncle Jesse didn't stand a chance against the Gibbler burn. 

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8. I wonder what Gibbler style feels like? 

9. Even what she writes is hilarious.


10. She is a true academic scholar. 

11. She keeps it real when talking about parenting. 

12. She partied hard. 

13. Get your flirt on girl. 

14. Every girl knows the position. 

15. Her Swayze love is real. 

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