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New Details About Alexis Skyy, The 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Star In A Feud With Blac Chyna

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Who Is Alexis Skyy? New Details Love And Hip Hop Star Blac Chyna

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Alexis Skyy claims Blac Chyna threw a drink at her at a party Saturday and caused quite the scene.

TMZ obtained screenshots of Skyy's Instagram story that details the entire ordeal from her perspective, which have since been deleted on her account. According to Skyy, 24, she was minding her own business at a party when Blac Chyna, 30, invited her over to her section. She agreed and the two shared a few drinks together.

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Everything was going well when the Rob & Chyna star freaked out and demanded Skyy leave her section, seemingly out of nowhere, Skyy said. Blac Chyna "threw a drink at" Skyy, who began throwing hands at the Lashed owner, a video posted by The Shade Room shows. Skyy said she then got kicked out of the party.

The L&HHH star waited outside — for a very long time, according to her Instagram story — to fight her alleged drink-thrower, who she accuses of using drugs. It is unclear if Blac Chyna went outside to square up but neither celebrity addressed a fist fight online.

Blac Chyna has not responded to Skyy's accusations.

So who is L&HHH's Alexis Akyy, who apparently has beef with Blac Chyna?

1. She dated Fetty Wap.


Skyy and Fetty Wap dated on and off for years until they officially ended things in April 2016, when Skyy's costar Masika Kalysha had a baby and claimed the rapper was the father. Over the course of their relationship, Fetty Wap was reportedly dating multiple women.

Although they ended on a rough note and Skyy said she wasted much of her time dating the rapper, she still likes his music.

2. She has a daughter.


Skyy welcomed her first child Alaiya Grace in January of 2018, three months before her due date. The preemie weighed under two pounds and was meticulously cared for in the NICU until she was healthy enough to go home without constant medical attention.

3. There is major paternity drama around Alaiya.


Although Skyy has continuously claimed Fetty Wap is the father of her daughter, another contestant made headlines claiming to be the girl's real dad. Solo Lucci alleges he is the biological father but Skyy has denied this multiple time, claiming he just wants attention and that she was not messing around with him for months before she became pregnant.

Fetty Wap has never claimed Alaiya as his child but has never denied being the father and was by Skyy's side when she gave birth.

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4. She was involved in a sex tape scandal with her ex.


In 2017, a sex tape involving Skyy and her ex-boyfriend Fetty Wap was leaked and drama followed suit. 

Fetty was dating Slevin Monroe (Blu) at the time, who got into a major social media feud with Skyy after the tape got out. Blu accused Skyy of leaking the sexual content herself and Skyy claimed Blu just wanted to start drama with her as Fetty Wap's ex-girlfriend. It was a messy situation but eventually, both parties stopped pointing fingers.

“Honestly, I was on a plane on my way to Miami and a picture leaked out," Skyy told Hollywood Life back then. "And when I landed, the video was out. I called my lawyer before I took off and told him he had to put a stop to this because I was scared. I’m not accusing anybody. All I know is that it got out.”

The case of the unknown sex tape leaker remains unsolved.

5. She recently debuted as a singer.


Skyy just released her first single "No Tiffany" last month. The December hit features Biggie Sanchi and details the requirements a man must have in order to pursue her romantically.

6. She owns an online store.


Skyy is the owner of Possi & Co., an online shopping destination that features a designer choker and a few graphic hoodies and tees.

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