90 Day Fiancé Shocker: Larissa Arrested Again, Colt Files For Divorce

Colt and Larissa have been fighting again. What landed her in jail for the third time?

90 Day Fiancé Shocker: Larissa Arrested Again, Colt Files For Divorce

The sixth season of 90 Day Fiancé may be about to wrap up completely but the at least one couple is still bringing the drama off-screen. After months of cheating allegations, nude photos, and two arrests for domestic disturbances, Colt and Larissa are once again fighting and involving law enforcement, all while documenting it on social media.

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Last night, Larissa took to instagram to broadcast a distress call. She alleged that her husband Colt had caused her physical injuries and she needed at attorney to come help her before Colt called the cops. She ended up at a friend’s house to get help for her injuries. At the same time, Colt was circulating photos of himself with injuries of his own. The cops showed up and one of the pair spent the night in jail.


What happened with Colt and Larissa last night? Read on for the new details about Larissa's arrest and Colt filing for divorce.

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1. Previous arrests

Brazilian born Larissa has a history of dramatic fights with her American husband Colt. She was arrested in June 2018 for a domestic disturbance. In November, she made a plea for help on social media, alleging that Colt had locked her in a room and was going to do her harm after she confronted him about messaging other women online. Ultimately, Larissa was arrested in that incident as well. She spent two nights in jail. Charges were dropped in both incidents.



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2. Cheating

Larissa has spent months accusing Colt of cheating on her. She has revealed multiple screenshots of text changes between Colt and other women, as well as exchanges between herself and women confessing to cheating with Colt. In addition, nude photos and videos of Colt have circulated online. Their origin is unclear. It’s possible Colt sent them to women who leaked them, though Larissa claims they are fake and she sent them to discourage the women from pursuing Colt.


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3. New cheating allegations

Thursday’s disputes started when Larissa apparently discovered that Colt was paying for pornography. She somehow found receipts for a paid webcam site where Colt was buying access to adult videos.



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4. Cops

In a frantic video, Larissa appears outdoors with blood and visible injuries on her face. She tells followers that she needs an attorney and says she’s concerned she’ll be deported. She claims she and Colt fought and he hurt her but for some reason h called the cops first and she expects to be arrested.



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5. Videos

Larissa shared a series of videos of herself confronting Colt. She accuses him of intruding while she showered. She shows herself covered in what looks like shaving cream and implies that Colt sprayed her with it, as he stands in the doorway of the bathroom and says things too quietly to the video to pick up. She followed that with videos of herself getting out of bed with Colt to sleep on the floor. In those he says that she abuses him, that she says derogatory things about his body and she says he smells bad.



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6. Other allegations

In other posts, Larissa claims Colt tried to kill himself and she was injured in the process of helping him. She claims that his mother Debbie, who lives with the couple, is an alcoholic. And she shared screenshots of Colt and an unnamed person allegedly planning to leak photos of Larissa.



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6. Colt

For his part, Colt shared a photo of himself with a badly scratched lip and a great deal of blood in his mouth.


7. Arrest

Eventually, Larissa made it to a friend’s house where she was treated for her injuries. However, eventually police tracked her down.TMZ is reportingthe police determined that all her injuries appeared to be self-inflicted and much of the blood on her was spatter from the injury to Colt’s mouth. Due to that and her prior history of domestic disturbance arrests, she was arrested again and is being held on $3000 bond.



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8. Divorce

On January 12, Starcasm reported that Colt filed for divorce the day after Larissa's arrest. According to reports, Colt filed divorce papers on January 11, using a credit card with his mother's name on it. Colt and Larissa have been married less than six months. Her current green card status is unknown so no one can say whether the divorce will lead to her deportation or not. 



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There is already a GoFundMe page to help Larissa with bail and legal fees. 


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