Who Is Randy Fowler? New Details On Kevin Spacey's Brother

Randy is not holding anything back!

Who Is Randy Fowler? New Details On Kevin Spacey's Brother Instagram

Who is Randy Fowler? After a hearing for Kevin Spacey's court case in regards to sexual assault, Randy Fowler is making headlines on Radar Onlinediscussing their childhood and how he knew about it from the beginning.

In the interview, Randy discusses how his brother truly believes that Hollywood should give him a pass since he often portrays villainous characters, which means you should love him as a real sex pervert. 


Randy reveals the first allegations go on from 2004, in which Spacey was able to hide from the public. From there on, it continued, in which he "destroyed many souls."

Ever since Spacey's first accused of assault, fifteen males have come forward, alleging he made inappropriate sexual advances to them dating back as far as 1986

Fowler believes Kevin's behavior stems from their father who was a Nazi sympathizer. After Fowler moved out in 1975, he has no doubt that his father "got a hold of him," alluding to Kevin being sexually assaulted by his father.

Here are the latest details on Randy Fowler. 


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1. He's the older brother of Kevin Spacey.

Randy and Kevin have been estranged for more than 15 years. He has not been in contact with Spacey ever since he moved out of their parent's home

2. He had a limo driving service called Rods Limos in Boise, Idaho.


Customers were able to go on his website and pick the outfit that you'd like him to wear when he arrives at your location.

3. Randy played the drums for a Luther Vandross song.

On his personal Youtube page, he uploaded a video of a recording session of him playing the drums for Luther Vandross for his song, "Like I'm Invisible."


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4. Fowler is a builder and painter of action figures and boats.

via randybfowler.com 

On Fowler's website, he talks about his journey on creating and painting figures since he was a child. In 2005, he committed himself fully to the career. You can purchase thecompleted models he's made, which range from action figures to models of boats, on his website.


5. He's also a web designer.

According to his website, if you're "looking for something different in web design" you should contact him.

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