New Details About CupcakKe, The Rapper Who Was Hospitalized For Threatening To Commit Suicide

She is okay now.

Who Is CupcakKe? Details Rapper Tweeted Threatened Suicide Hospitalized Is CupcakKe Ok? YouTube 

Elizabeth Eden Harris — a 21-year-old rapper also known as CupcakKe — tweeted that she was going to kill herself, sparking fans and friends to send love and positivity. Fellow rapper Iggy Azalea, singer Charli XCX, and comedian Elijah Daniel sent her messages through social media begging her not to take her life and to talk to them instead.

XCX tweeted a message to Harris writing that “the world would never be the same without you.” In 2017 XCX and Harris collaborated on two songs “Lipgloss” and “I Got It”, both songs combined have over 3.2 million views on YouTube.


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Azalea posted to Twitter saying she understood “how hopeless and overwhelmed with negativity we can sometimes feel. 

"I hope you'll take some time with those that really know YOU best; then when you're ready to come back stronger than ever,” she said.

A short while before these two celebrities tweeted their support, Harris’ friend and comedian, Elijah Daniel Tweeted that Chicago PD had been called to Harris’ Chicago home and that she was okay. The up and coming rapper was taken to a hospital in Chicago for “mental evaluation” where it was reported that she did not have any injuries.


After Tweeting on Jan. 7 around 7 pm that she was “about to commit suicide,” the 21-year-old got over 1,000 people talking about her life and giving her support. The tweet has since been deleted from Harris’ social media and replaced with a new message.

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She said she has been “fighting with depression for the longest time”  and was “sorry” for making the moment so public and doesn’t want anyone to worry about her anymore. 

Harris’ struggle with depression may stem from past abuse in which she raps about in her 2016 song "Pedophile" which details “the story of a 15-year-old who was abused by a man ten years older, written in the first person,” BBC reports. 


"Just promise me you won't tell/ if I take you to the hotel," the song begins. "Things are so intimate/ I used to be so innocent/ Until he touched me in a spot that made me hot/And ever since nothing really made sense/ Something was wrong because he had a beard/ Even knowing his age it still felt weird."

CupcakKe raps that she was 15 and the man was 10 years older. 

The rapper got her first big break in 2015 with her provocative lyrics and song titles such as “Deepthroat” which is her most popular with 29 million views on YouTube. This song was part of her “Cum Cake” album which got to number 23 on Rolling Stones’ Best Rap Album of 2016 according to MTO News.


She is also known for her activism and body positivity by the LGBTQ community. 

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 provides people in distress, or those around them, with 24-hour support. The Crisis Text Line allows people to text 741-741 to connect with crisis counselors.

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