Who Is Lisa Van Allen? New Details About R. Kelly's Ex-Girlfriend Who Alleges He Wanted To Have Her Killed Over Underage Sex Tapes

Lisa Van Allen was 17 when she was dating R. Kelly. Years later, he wanted to have her killed.

Who Is Lisa Van Allen? New Details About R. Kelly's Ex-Girlfriend Who Alleges He Wanted To Have Her Killed Over Underage Sex Tapes Instagram

Who is Lisa Van Allen? For years, R. Kelly has been a divisive figure in the music world. While he is a prolific musician and producer, his personal life is a horror story of sexual misconduct allegations that include sex with underage girls, abuse of underage girls, and manipulating and terrorizing underage girls and their families to keep the young women in his sway.

For the first time, a television network is devoting significant time to the stories of women abused by R. Kelly. Lifetime has been airing the six-part documentary Surviving R. Kelly, featuring over 50 interviews with survivors of his abuse, his ex wife, and colleagues and acquaintances. The documentary is attempting to once and for all tell the story of R Kelly’s history as a sexual predator.


Lisa Van Allen was only 17 when she was involved with the singer, who was in his 30s at the time. Her account describes their abusive relationship and her story mirrors that of other women who had similar experiences with the singer.

She tells Lifetime now that “Well, R. Kelly is great. I’d have to tell them about Robert. That’s who’s the person that’s pretty much…a pedophile. And he’s evil, you know. You gotta watch out for him.”


Who is Lisa Van Allen? Read on for more.

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1. Teenager

At 17, Van Allen was hoping for a role in Kelly’s 1997 video Home Alone. She told the Chicago Defender she met with the singer alone in his trailer and had sex there. After that, she visited him in Chicago and went on to appear in his 1998 video I Wish. She toured with him that year, playing a role in the performance. Kelly would would pick Van Allen out of the audience at the end of each show and they would have “simulated sex.”

2. Isolating her

While she was with Kelly, Van Allen’s access to people outside his orbit was limited. She says she wasn’t allowed to talk to her family. She describes him acting as a “go between” for phone calls with her mother.



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3. Sex tapes

Sex tapes are probably the thing Kelly is best known for. He was arrested for having dozens of tapes of himself and girls, many of whom were underage. While he was acquitted of charges related to that, it’s clear that filming himself having sex is a common occurrence. Van Allen says he filmed her repeatedly, without asking for her consent. In a 2017 interview she said, “Robert would film our sex acts sometimes. He would never ask me if it was OK to be filmed, but he never hid the camera or anything like that.”

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4. Taking back control

Van Allen describes finding a stash of Kelly's tapes in a hotel room while she was filming the video for I Wish with him. “I came across the (tape) one with me, him and the 14-year-old. When I saw it, it upset me, and I didn’t want him to have possession of the tape anymore because I was in it. So I took it, and I kept it on me, and when I got a chance to go back to my hotel room, I left it at my hotel room. And he never noticed it was gone.” The tape included footage of Kelly urinating on the 14 year old girl. She later asked friends of Kelly’s to hold the tape. He only realized she had taken it when she admitted it to him after the footage leaked. She told them who had the originals as well.

5. Dangerous game

Kelly wanted to get the tapes back and was willing to go take strong actions to get it. Van Allen describes the interactions she had with Kelly and the other man at the time, saying “And so he arranged for them to be paid to give him back his tape. He had them take lie detector tests, the guy and me. And I passed, and the guy did not, because he said he didn’t make any copies. He ended up giving a little payment for the (original), and said that when he brought the rest back, he’d get the rest of the money. Rob said (the payment would be) $250,000.”

6. Get out alive

What Van Allen didn’t know at the time was that Kelly was considering murder to solve the problem of the tapes. “I just didn’t know that there was a point in time when they were talking about killing me,” she says.

7. Solidarity

Van Allen says that she hopes girls who are currently trapped with R. Kelly see this docuseries and find the strength to get away from him. She told The View, “ I want to help someone else’s daughter, I always say that. I hope that the girls that are there will get strength from this, by, from watching this. You know, it’s crazy, it’s really crazy because people don’t understand when you’re out of that situation, it still goes on with all of us. All of these girls are like still dealing with what they dealt with. No matter how long you were there. You take it with you.”


The entire series Surviving R. Kelly is available from Lifetime.


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