Who Is Robin Thicke's Fiancé, April Love Geary?

They have two daughters together.

Who Is Robin Thicke's Fiancé, April Love Geary? Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Who is Robin Thicke's fiancé? Robin Thicke, the 42-year-old son of the late Alan Thicke and Masked Singer judge became engaged to his girlfriend on Christmas Eve in 2018.

His fiancé is his 25-year-old girlfriend of a few years, April Love Geary, and she's 17 years younger than him! Of course, the engagement was recorded and posted to Instagram. In the video, the "Blurred Lines" singer pulled out the sparkling ring after dinner, and the guests began to clap as Geary cried and enthusiastically nodded her head "yes." After the proposal, the newly betrothed couple posed by the Christmas tree.


The couple welcomed their first daughter named Mia in February 2018, and their second child, Lola, a year later in February 2019. The couple also tragically lost their home in the Woolsey fire that swept through and devastated Malibu in 2018.

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So, who is Robin Thicke's fiancé, April Love Geary? Read on to learn all the details about Robin Thicke's fiancé and their relationship.

1. Thicke and Geary started dating in 2015.



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April Love Geary started dating Robin Thicke soon after he separated from his ex-wife, Paula Patton. That plus the fact that Geary looks a lot like Patton, and that she's 17 years younger than Thicke (and was just 20 when they met), left people skeptical that this relationship would last.

The couple made their public debut at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, two months after Thicke's divorce was finalized. Fast forward five years and the couple is happy, in love, engaged and have two children. 


2. Who is Robin Thicke's fiancé, April Love Geary? She's a model. 

Geary was born on December 6, 1994 in California. She's from the Southern California town of Huntington Beach, and is of Mexican, Irish, French and Dutch descent. The 5'11" stunner has been modeling since she was a teenager.

3. She has a few nicknames.

Although the media knows her by her full name of April Love Geary, in her personal life she goes by the nicknames "Apes" and "Love."

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4. Geary is also an animal lover.

Geary loves animals. She has a pet bearded dragon and her Instagram account is filled with pictures of her snuggling up to a variety of animals. When she isn't parenting her daughters or playing stepmother to Thicke's 9-year-old son Julian with Patton, Geary enjoys playing Mario Kart.


5. Geary received backlash for having back-to-back babies.

Geary got pregnant with her second child when her daughter Mia was just six months old. When the news of her second pregnancy was released online, trolls took to her social media to slam her for having back-to-back babies.

One said, “Didn’t your doctor tell you, your body needs time to recover? You ruined the best years of your life." Another commenter, who got Geary’s age wrong, slammed her for “being only 21 and having no goals other than being pregnant twice in the same year.”

However, the couple couldn't seem to be prouder of their kids. When Lola was born, they both expressed their excitement over their new baby. In February 2019, Thicke took to Instagram with a sweet picture of him and the new baby, captioned, “Lola Alain Thicke was born this morning 2/26/19 at 8:21 am. Thank you God and April Love for this blessing! #fatherofthree.”


Geary also posted a reaction on Instagram with the caption, “She’s here! And she’s so beautiful!”

6. The couple have been engaged since 2018.

Thicke popped the question to Geary back in 2018. However, the couple have not yet gotten married, and have also not revealed any kind of possible dates for the wedding.




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7. Geary is very open on social media.

The model is definitely not shy when it comes to sharing her personal life with her social media followers. In fact, she's often so open that she has received criticism for some of the things she's posted online. 


In 2018, Geary posted a photo of her breastfeeding her daughter, which was quickly met with a lot of backlash. One of her critics was Chanelle Hayes, a former contestant on Big Brother, who took to Twitter to express her feelings over the photo.

"I'm all for breastfeeding and having a choice how to feed your baby but WHY do people feel the need to post pictures of themselves doing it?! Especially the new pic of Robin Thicke's gf! She's got hair done, makeup on, both boobs out. So strange. What's the need??" she wrote.

However, Geary herself wasn't staying silent. She took to Instagram and wrote the following: "Maybe the next time you want to criticize me for posting a picture of myself breastfeeding you should really take a look at the pictures you've had taken. Not that taking nudes are wrong! The naked body is a beautiful thing! But don't be a hypocrite mama."


Geary also isn't afraid to share about her relationship online. She often posts pictures of Thicke and recently shared some snaps from their beach vacation.

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