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Who Is Lil Wayne's Fiancé? Meet Plus-Size Model La'Tecia Thomas

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Who Is Lil Wayne's Fiancé? Meet Plus-Size Model La'Tecia Thomas

After years of dating Dhea Sodano with nary a ring to be had, Lil Wayne has announced that he is actually engaged to someone new. Trust us — this is going to get very messy before there's some clarity.

Who is Lil Wayne's fiancé, La'Tecia Thomas?

Lil Wayne is a rapper that, frankly, needs no introduction. Getting his start in the Hot Boys (which featured Juvenile and BG, no less), Lil Wayne went on to become one of the most famous rappers in the world.

As part of the Young Money collective that also gave the world Drake, Tyga, and Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne smashed the charts with his unique voice and cadence, and his lyrics were nothing if not easily quotable. Today, Lil Wayne has become a pop culture icon thanks to his unique look and his previously-unknown ability to play the guitar.

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But Lil Wayne's love life is nothing if not a hot mess. Let's look at what we know about La'Tecia Thomas and her relationship with Lil Wayne.

1. Who is Lil Wayne's fiancé, La'Tecia Thomas? She's Australian and Indian. 

La'Tecia Thomas is a model who is considered "plus-sized" (that is, she's over a size 6) and is a native of Australia. The 29-year-old is also part-Indian and has over a million followers on Instagram

2. Thomas was the first to suggest that she was engaged to Lil Wayne. 

Rumors started in October 2019 when she uploaded the photo, below, to Instagram, where she showed off a whole bunch of bling. She also made sure to answer all the comments about the origin of her ring.

Since then, she's uploaded photos of herself decked out in Lil Wayne merchandise, which only further added fuel to the fire about their engagement. 


A post shared by La'Tecia Thomas (@lateciat) on Oct 24, 2019 at 12:10pm PDT

3. But neither party would confirm the engagement. 

It should be made clear that even though La'Tecia Thomas had inferred that she was engaged to Lil Wayne, neither she nor the rapper had confirmed their engagement at that time. 

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4. However, Lil Wayne is reportedly still engaged to Dhea Sodano, not La'Tecia Thomas. 

Our previous reports have indicated that Lil Wayne was engaged to his longtime fiancé, Dhea Sodano. However, she's never shown off a ring of any kind, and she keeps a relatively low profile on social media, as well. 

5. Lil Wayne has a messy past with women. 

Lil Wayne was previously married to Toya Wright, with whom he has a daughter, Reginae. He also has three sons: one with Lauren London, one with Nivea, and one with Sarah Vivian. (In case you're keeping track, that's four children with four different women.)

6. But La'Tecia Thomas has said that she wants to be a 'body positive' role model for women. 

"Since embracing her curves, La'Tecia seems to have a thick skin — as she now lets the cruel comments slide. 'I am human. It is hard sometimes to read certain things. But I think the best thing to do is to stay on track and have a lot of positive and supportive people around you. Don't focus on the negative,'" she said.

7. The rapper confirmed his relationship with Thomas in February 2020.

Lil Wayne and Thomas have finally made their relationship public. Thomas recently accompanied the rapper to many events to celebrate the release of his new album, Funeral. These events took place in Miami, where many other celebrities were recently seen taking in the 2020 Super Bowl. The couple were seen together on the red carpet and also reportedly engaged in some PDA. 

Thomas has been promoting her boo's new album on her Instagram page lately. She recently posted a photo of herself wearing a black dress with a caption referencing the title of the rapper's album, "And... the F is for Funeral."

Lil Wayne himself has also let his fans know that Thomas is the only person he follows on Instagram — he doesn't even follow any of his children. 

In addition, a track on the rapper's new album heavily implies that he's dating Thomas, even if she is not actually named in the song. In "Stop Playin With Me," he raps, "Ooh, I got a plus sized model/ But she my lil' mama/ I make her bust open for me like a piñata/ And as the world turned, she was my spin doctor."

And in another track, Lil Wayne actually calls Thomas his "wifey." In "Not Me," he raps, "You know wifey from Australia / she said, 'Cheers, mate,'/ Then we toast and see how you n***s tears taste/ Mix the soda and Codeine, that's a mixtape."

The couple even appear to have gotten matching tattoos. Recent photos of the pair show the rapper with a dynamite stick tattoo on his cheek while his model love has one tattooed on her right ring finger.

8. Lil Wayne's daughter likes Thomas.

Not long after the rapper took his relationship with his lady love public, his daughter also weighed in on the couple. Reginae Carter recently showed what she thinks of Thomas when she left a positive comment on one of the model's Instagram photos.

The comment simply read, "Beautiful (heart-eyed emojis)." And Thomas replied with, "Thank you lovely," implying that the two seem to have a positive relationship. 

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