New Details About Joie Chavis, Future’s Girlfriend And Mom To His New Baby

Future is officially a father of five.

Who Is Joie Chavis? Details Future Girlfriend Baby Mama Five Kids New Baby Instagram

Future and girlfriend Joie Chavis welcomed their first child together, the Atlanta-based rapper's fifth kid in total.

It is unclear when exactly baby Hendrix was born, but Chavis took to Instagram to show off her little one to her 1.1 million followers. Future liked the photo and shared it on his Instagram story, referring to his latest son as "King."

Rumors first began spreading of a romance between Future and Chavis late last year and although they never officially confirmed they were dating, they seem pretty serious.




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The two were all smiles at their November baby shower-slash-gender reveal and are likely still so now that Hendrix is born. Even though congratulations are in order, haters are always going to hate and have called out the father of five for his playboy behavior that has landed him with so much child support.


Future has four other children with four different baby mamas, including a 4-year-old son, Future Zahir Wilburn, with his ex-fiance and singer Ciara. He reportedly fathered a daughter, Londyn, with former longtime girlfriend India J, a son, Prince Wilburn, with Brittni Mealy, and another son with Jessica Smith.

Talk about a busy man! Wendy Williams recently joked, "Future, where are your condoms?"

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But with the birth of his fifth, Future is over the haters. He addressed those who have been criticizing him as a father in his Instagram story.


“Guess what you found out today? Instagram pays you zero dollars for your comments, for your negative comments," Future said.

Nevertheless, congratulations to the happy parents!

So who is the mother of Future's baby #5, Joie Chivas?

1. She's a model and choreographer.



“Haters in danger...” . @queensnlettosofficial : @tmillytv #apeshit

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Chavis is an entrepreneur and spends time modeling and dancing, often choreographing her own routines. She posts her dances on her Instagram and YouTube.

The mother of two even danced during her pregnancy and posted videos of herself dropping it low with a baby belly.


2. She owns her own online clothing boutique.



Shop “Fall’s favorite”

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Chivas recently opened up her own online clothing company, which she named after her daughter. The site, called Shop Shai, features tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories and more. 

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3. She has a daughter with Bow Wow.



Joie Chavis is now a mother of two and her first child's father is Shad Moss, a.k.a. Bow Wow. Their daughter, Shai Moss, is 7 and lives full-time with Chavis. 

The Instagram sensation posted a heartwarming photo of Shai holding baby Hendrix on Christmas with the caption "Merry Christmas."

4. Bow Wow threw shade at her when she started dating Future.

When Bow Wow found out about Future and Chivas, he was over the rapper getting with his exes. 


“Had your girl in the islands 'and you ain’t een know it' but she kissing you with the same mouth… never mind hahahah #sucker," he tweeted at the time, clearly throwing shade at Future, who took Chivas out on many vacations from the start of their relationship.

Future previously got with another one of Bow Wow's former girlfriends, Ciara, whom he almost married.  

5. There was drama around Hendrix's baby shower.



The Jumpman rapper and Chivas reportedly broke up in April and he was seen hanging out with his ex and baby mama Brittni Mealy but their alleged reunion was short-lived and full of drama. 

In what seemed to be a jab at Future, Chivas said "What in the GHETTO!" and asked people to "please keep the negative energy off my page and leave those clowns to their circus." 

In early November Chivas held a baby shower that also doubled as a gender reveal, to which Future showed up and confirmed he was her baby's daddy for the first time during the pregnancy.

This is where it gets weird. Mealy reportedly attended the event as Future's plus one and even brought Chivas a gift. Then, she confused people even more with a post on her Instagram story, seemingly addressed to those who said she was "being played."


"People do what they have to do to protect their assets it's too much money at risk," she wrote.

That didn't exactly clear anything up, but let's hope the drama is over now that baby Hendrix is here.

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