Who Is Eliza Reign? Everything To Know About Future's Baby Mama — His Sixth

He denied her claims.

Who Is Eliza Reign? Everything To Know About Future's Baby Mama — His Sixth Getty Images

Who is Eliza Reign, Future's baby mama? 

In 2018, model and entrepreneur Eliza Reign announced that she was pregnant. While her original post was removed by Instagram for violating the community guidelines of the platform, her screenshots of Apple notes alleged that Future was the father of her baby — and how he reportedly received the news.

In May 2020, a DNA test has confirmed that rapper Future is the father of Eliza Reign's child.


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Reign said she found out she was pregnant around the time of her birthday and told Future, who she said at the time she had been seeing on and off for the past two years.


According to Reign, the rapper asked her to get an abortion multiple times, becoming more and more insistent as time progressed, and Reign became more unsure about having the procedure.

Reign wrote that when she told Future she had decided to keep the baby after talking to a doctor, who’d said she would probably not be able to ever have a child again, Future went “ballistic,” reportedly having people call her and go to her place of work.



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“It got so bad. Out of fear, I started to slow down on working, which everyone knows how much I loved that spot and $,” Reign wrote.


Reign explained that they eventually had an argument about it over the phone, which ended with Reign hanging up on him. Reign said afterward that she tried to give Future the benefit of the doubt, since “he’s a cool dude always nice to me,” and sent him “updates and sonograms.”

Then, he blocked her, and “things got crazy!!!”

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Shortly after he blocked her, Reign alleges she got a call from an unidentified person saying, “Be careful... I heard Future want yo head.” She was shocked by his behavior, but ignored it until she got the sense his “camp” was gossiping about her.


She texted him from a different number, and he “went ham” on her again. She began to feel scared … and then got contacted again with word that, “an industry person (who I won’t name) [said] that future got ppl looking for this Haitian girl in Miami that supposedly pregnant by him.”

At this point, Reign said she quit her job and thought about contacting the police. Eventually, she says she made a police report, because on Thanksgiving 2018 she heard he was thinking about starting a bounty for her.

The source told her Future “literally mentioned how he should ‘put money on my head.’ They even told me the amount.”

Reign recognized that by posting about it, she might stir some legal trouble, but she wanted “to bring this situation to light to hopefully make him back off.” Reign then said that she had been staying in hotels because she was too afraid to go home.


She then posted a picture to Instagram with a receipt saying her post had been deleted. She did not include a caption.

Future added some short clips on his own Instagram story, in which he said, “We don’t give the money back, and we don’t say sorry,” and in the next clip, “It’s an evil world we live in, but hey, I’mma keep living... I love my life, I love my fans.” The clips were followed by pictures and videos of the rapper in Abu Dhabi, seemingly unfazed by Reign's accusations.

However, it was recently confirmed on Monday that Future is, indeed, the father of Reign's baby.

The results of the DNA test, which Future had been trying to put off for months, finally came back and revealed that Future is the child's father.



A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on May 11, 2020 at 12:49pm PDT

Last year, Reign had sued Future for child support, custody, and paternity. She had been requesting temporary custody and wanted the rapper to pay $53,000 a month based on his income.  

Future didn't remain silent. After the news came out, he took to social media, writing, “Keep it pushing. Teach these hoes how to keep they business off the internet... U run to the internet. I can’t speak the truth ima log off.”

To add to the confusion of fans, the rapper also sent out a Mother's Day tweet this past weekend, addressing six women and not five, which appeared to further prove that he had another child. 


When his friend, reality star Masika Kalysha, pointed out these tweets on The Shade Room's post about the DNA test, Future responded with, "u kno me in real life... find someone else to comment on.” 

Reign joins five other women who are mothers to Future’s other children. 

According to her Instagram, Reign is a brand ambassador for Luxury Xtensions and runs Ohana Boutique. She's the daughter of Haitian immigrants, and her name on Instagram is “Haitian Goddess.”


Future is currently dating Lori Harvey, the daughter of Steve Harvey.

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