Your Jam & Theme Song, By Zodiac Sign

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Which Theme Song Is Your Jam, By Zodiac Sign

Everyone loves music. When a certain song hits plays, it can make all your worries disappear.

You feel inspired whenever your jam is turned on. You might even call your favorite song a theme song for a particular year, relationship, or season of life.

Just like you can tell alot about a person by the type of music that they listen to, astrology is a great way to learn about yourself and others.

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Music is good for your health. With various life situations, each zodiac sign has different wants and needs. Specifically, when it comes to being motivated.

A great way to motivate yourself is through music. Whether it be about love or asking for a raise, songs help motivate us to do these things.

When your favorite song plays, the music creates a series of emotional reactions that are scientifically proven to reduce stress and encourage happiness. 

Having the courage to tell the person that you are falling in love with them or telling your friend that her outfit is ugly can be daunting at times.

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Having encouragement through songs help us feel confident with our decision in doing it. There are specific songs that motivate us according to our zodiac sign. 

Each astrology sign is unique in their personality and traits. One song may motivate you but can have a different effect another person, even if you share the same zodiac sign.

Listening to a specific song can make a difference in asking the person at the bar out to not getting the bonus at work because you didn't have the confidence to ask.

Here's the jam that best represents your horoscope sign and can easily be the best song for you to jam to when you need some motivation. 

ARIES: Kelly Clarkson — "Heartbeat Song"

This powerhouse vocalists song is the perfect anthem for this fire sign because like your sign, you are someone who is passionate and have a heart of fire.

You are the life of a party and are not afraid to show it on the dance floor.

TAURUS: Celine Dion — "Because You Loved Me"

You are known to be the most reliable sign. You always show up for your friends and family.

Being that dedicated to your loved ones, a song that can motivate you to continue to be you is no other than this famous Celine song.

Her words are literally thanking you for always being there and being amazing.

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GEMINI: Christina Aguilera — "Beautiful"

With Twins representing you, you are often misunderstood as someone who is two-faced and disingenuous.

Having a song that motivates to continue to lift you up and not worrying what other's think, is perfectly sung by this voice of a generation vocalist.

She talks about the pain of her own insecurities and the external pressures of being someone she is not. 

CANCER: Adele — "Someone Like You"

Known to be an emotional person, you are often attached to things and have a hard time letting go.

Adele's song is perfect for you because it allows you to get closer from whatever you are going through and to move on to better things. 

LEO: Katy Perry — "Roar"

Represented by a lion, you are a natural leader who is confident. With this, comes ridicule because people are jealous of the confidence that you naturally exude.

This song is about being unapologetic and not listening to other's criticism. This song is perfect for you because it will have you roar the haters away.

VIRGO: Jessie J — "Who You Are"

Seen as the worry wart of the signs, you sometimes overanalyze situations and can be too deep in your own thoughts, especially when it comes to your loved ones.

This is the right song for you because it will help with sorting those feeling that you have and to remind you to take time to enjoy life and have fun. 

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LIBRA: Various Artists — "We Are the World 25 For Hati" 

Originally written and sung by Michael Jackson, this song was used to help others in need. In this new version, sung by Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, Kayne West, and many others, came together to remake this magical song for relief in Haiti.

This song best reflects the type of person you are as someone who sees both the good and bad. Listening to this song is something that will motivate you to continue bring peace to your life and those around you.

SCORPIO: Mariah Carey — "We Belong Together"

Despite the scary and fierce looking creature, Scorpio's are individuals that are very emotional and lovable people.

They are unafraid to tell how it is and continuously express how they are feeling in the moment. Mariah's song best suits you guys to continue expressing yourself and to take chances. 

SAGITTARIUS: Beyonce — "Run the World"

Often seen as idealistic, many people do not understand your vision for life. The only singer who can motivate you is the one and only Beyonce.

This song is great for you to bring confidence into your ideas and be Sasha Fierce when presenting it to others.

CAPRICORN: Andra Day — "Rise Up"

As someone who is both spiritually and a strong sense of self, this song is perfect for you guys because it is all about empowering yourself no matter what people say about you.

With Andra's god-like voice, she sings a beautiful song that will have you believing in yourself.

AQUARIUS: Whitney Houston — "How Will I Know"

You are notorious for being deep inner thinkers, who can be sometimes afraid to express your emotions; both good and bad.

Whitney's powerhouse vocals are all about wondering and questioning whether someone loves her or not. This a great song to help sort out your deep thoughts and to clearly express how you feel to others.

PISCES: Rachel Platten — "Stand By You"

Being the most helpful, selfless and artistic sign, this song helps motivate you because it's all about being there for someone.

People who are friends with you are lucky because they know that they can always rely on you no matter what. 

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