6 Zodiac Pairings Who Are Kindred Spirits

They share a special bond.

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Many people seem to be confused with the terms "spirit animal" and "kindred spirit" and use them interchangeably. A spirit animal is the shamanic belief of a spirit that guides, helps, or protects people or groups. However, people also use the term spirit animal as a metaphor for someone or something that a person relates or admires.

But a kindred spirit is a person who shares a special bond with another person. It’s a magnetism that draws people together into a higher level of consciousness. Generally, a person only has one kindred spirit in their lifetime as it is a unique connection. It may not be as mythical as a spirit animal but it's just as magical. 


As for each zodiac sign's kindred spirit, there are certain pairs of signs that work well together in this sense. And when it comes to astrology, if you haven’t met your kindred spirit yet, it’s helpful to know which zodiac signs they’re likely to have been born under. This isn’t to say you should reject a potential kindred spirit because they’re not the sign suggested, but knowing which other sign has the highest chance of being your kindred spirit is helpful to know.

The person who is your kindred spirit will always have your back, and you will always have theirs. Your connection is so deep that often times you finish each other’s sentences and thoughts, and words aren’t even necessary to communicate between the two of you.


The understanding that the two of you have goes far beyond just being sensitive or sympathetic, it’s more like you share the same heart. You don’t need to explain your feelings — they already know.

Finding your kindred spirit is a gift and not something that sound be taken lightly. There is a responsibility to the relationship and an unspoken promise that neither of you will ever purposely try to hurt one another.

Aries & Sagittarius

Both Aries and Sagittarius understand the feeling of wanting to try new things, go on adventures, and keep stimulated. They don't negatively comment on what the other person does or says and allow them to be who they are without judgment. They always have each other's back, even when they're the only ones supporting each other.

Aries and Sagittarius individuals need to keep growing and changing, and their relationship usually facilitates this need. Both signs are straightforward and sometimes blunt, but somehow they never offend the other. Because of their great bond, they travel well together.


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Taurus & Capricorn

Both Taurus and Capricorn are steady and dependable, and they understand the need for security and caution. There's a huge mutual respect between these two signs, and whatever relationship they have forged is able to withstand almost any challenge. They help each other to become better people every day.


Their relationship makes them feel safe and as if someone is always looking out for them. Aries and Capricorn assist each other in achieving their goals and dreams; they supply whatever kind of push the other one needs. Sometimes it seems as if Capricorn or Taurus are more committed to their kindred spirit's goals than their own. 

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Gemini & Libra

Gemini and Libra are kindred spirits who make each other's lives better just by being in it. Both of these signs are great listeners who don't just listen with their ears but with all they are. They both know when the other one needs help and will do whatever they can to assist them.

Libra and Gemini know they can tell each other anything and that they'll be understood. Both of these signs have a strong sense of justice and will work to eradicate injustice. Gemini and Libra know they can depend on their kindred spirit in good times and in bad.


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Cancer & Scorpio

Both Cancer and Scorpio are sensitive and emotional. They're there for each other, especially in times of emotional turmoil as they share similar levels of passion — both feel their emotions intensely. This is also a pairing where there is a high level of intuitiveness.

Cancer and Scorpio tend to know each other so well that they'll react to an action that hasn't even been done yet. They are those friends that scare people with how well they know each other and how connected they are. Cancer and Scorpio are always honest, and because of the knowledge they have of each other, it would be pointless for them to lie.

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Leo & Aquarius

Leo and Aquarius tend to be kindred spirits, and because of their connection, they are able to teach things to each other. Every time the two talk to each other they learn something new, and it's as if they'll never run out of things to talk about and learn. They allow and assist each other in growing — neither wants to stagnate and stay the same forever.

They want to become the best people they can be, and both want to change the world. Both are leaders, but even those who lead need someone that they can trust implicitly. One personality trait they share is that they're both extremely loyal and once they trust another person, they will stand by them.


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Virgo & Pisces

You may not think that Virgo and Pisces would be kindred spirits, but sometimes opposites can connect in a profound way. One of the ways these two relate is on a creative level. Virgo can help Pisces with more practical things, and Pisces helps Virgo let go of always being in control and allowing their artistic side to emerge.

Their bond may not make sense, but it is strong, and the strength of it allows them to fully be who they are and to trust that the other person will always be there for them. Virgo and Pisces have many characteristics that the other is lacking in, so together they are a powerful force.


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