If Your Guy Does These 11 Unromantic Things, He's A Keeper

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How To Be A Good Boyfriend Or Better Husband & Make Her Fall More Deeply In Love

A good boyfriend will do all the romantic things to sweep you off your feet. The better boyfriend will do all that — and he will also do all the unromantic things that keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

The best boyfriend will treat you like a Goddess but remind you of the value of being humble. The best boyfriend will do whatever it takes to help you but also put the romance aside to encourage you to bring out the best in yourself. The best boyfriend will make your childhood dreams come true but also tell you when you are being a brat.

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So how do you know when you're in a relationship with a guy who knows not only how to be a good boyfriend, but the best boyfriend (and maybe eventually...husband)?

Here is what 11 women had to share when asked to tell me one unromantic thing that only the best boyfriends do.

1. Money matters.

“He taught me how to manage my money better, pay off all my credit card debt and also start having a savings account.” — Evie, 22

2. He always knows the right thing to say.

“Well, he makes me dinner every night. He tells me to go running because I always feel better after, having been a runner throughout high school. He also tells me to stop asking if it is okay to hang out with a friend. He tells me to say, 'I’m doing it.'” — Zane, 33

3. He's not afraid of your bathroom habits.

“He brings me my book when I sit down to pee but realize I have to poo. I holler to him and he brings it. He is just the best!” — Tally, 32

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4. He helps out without you having to ask.

“He does my laundry. He restocks my toiletries before I run out like shampoo, body wash, toothpaste etc. I ran out of lead for my mechanical pencil for class and he bought me lead refills without me having to ask.” — Shay, 31

5. He's a genuinely good friend.

“I really enjoy how he is such a good friend to me. He gives me really good advice, even if it is something I do not want to hear but need to hear. He is real with me, and that is something I really appreciate.” — Lauren, 23

6. He listens.

“He is a really good listener. Sometimes listening is more important than giving advice. He understands that sometimes I don’t need a solution, I just need a support system.” — Kathy, 29

7. He thinks ahead.

“Whenever I ask him to pick up anything, he buys multiples to make sure he got the right one. I asked him to get me mint chocolate and he came back with five different kinds. It was sweet and considerate.” — Lizette, 34

8. He supports you in everything you do.

“I had an assignment due for an interview and he went to the library and got me all the info I needed on the subject. I did not even ask him to go — I only told him I was working on something.” — Ari, 28

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9. He thinks of ways to make your life easier.

“I like to make my bed every morning so he has started making my bed when he stays over and also got into the habit of making his bed. It’s cute how he has started coordinating his pillow covers to match his bed sheet because before it was whatever he could find.” — Georgie, 25

10. He makes it a point to get to know your family.

“He took my mom out to lunch (when there was no special occasion) and she had the best time. I am ready for a forever with this one.” — Sadie, 30

11. He can compromise.

“He watches movies with me that he has no interest in without me having to beg and scream. He goes to see shows with me when we have completely opposite taste in music plus I go to see the sports games he loves. He makes the time to get to know my friends and hang out with them because he knows they are important to me. He helps me with my cover letter and resume. He always lets me choose where to go to eat because I am a foodie. And, he rubs my tummy when I overeat.” — Rosa, 26

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