If He Does These 17 Things, You Have A "Unicorn Boyfriend" (Don't Let Him Go!)

The unicorn exists!

If He Does These 17 Things, You Have A "Unicorn Boyfriend" getty

For so long, I pined after the bad boys — you all know those types. The ones with a reputation and you wanna prove, you are the one who can change him. But it never happens. All that happens, is you become another name on a long list of people, he too has hurt. 

The only thing worse than these types of guys are us girls continuing to go after them, then we’re surprised when history repeats itself. We don’t look at the similar characteristics, of these assholes we claim to want. 


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But then, every once in a while you get it right, you almost think, it’s so wrong that something could be going so right. 

He’s the unicorn boyfriend and he does exist, despite the rumors. This mythical creature stands before you, continuing to awe you, you are forced to rub your eyes, thinking he’s gonna run away and it was all a dream. 

But he doesn’t. Here's how you'll know he knows how to be a good boyfriend.


1. He’s honest

You don’t catch him in lies or ever backtracking. He’s been honest with you from the start. 

2. He’s nice

He’s almost too nice, you question if he has ulterior motives, but he doesn’t. 

3. He’s polite

He’s the one person proving chivalry isn’t dead.  

4. He’s loyal

You don’t question him with anything at all. There’s just a level of trust that adds confidence to the relationship.  

5. He keeps his word

Where there was once a time, where the only thing you could rely on were canceled plans, he keeps every word.  

6. He texts you every day

He’s the first text you receive every morning, with a compliment, and the last before bed. 


7. He kisses you randomly

Those times where he just grabs your face and kisses you, “just because,” is your favorite.   

8. He introduces you to his family

You are important to him, so he wants everyone to know it. There was once a time, where you were invited to guy's houses, only when no one was home, you look back and wonder why you tolerated that.  

9. He asks about you

He wants to know everything about you. And even though, not all the things are great, he doesn’t judge you for it.  

10. He cares about your needs

Suddenly you become the priority you used to make others when they only made you a choice.

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11. He takes things at your pace

Because when there isn’t a destination to get to, you enjoy the journey.  

12. He’s supportive

The things that are important to you, are important to him too. 

13. He makes things simple

Chasing after the guys in the past, was anything but simple. 

14. He doesn’t care for fighting

There was once a time, it was kind of exhilarating, not knowing what was gonna happen next, between fights screaming at each other. But with him you learn, it’s not supposed to be that way. 

15. He listens

Even to the things you aren’t saying. He watches you, out of the corner of his eye, as fascinated in you, as you are him. 


16. He has your heart and doesn’t play with it

Most of all he knows the value of a woman’s heart and knows how to handle it. 

17. He makes this thing fun

But you realize after being with him, relationships weren’t ever supposed to be complicated. And you realize you're happy. 

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