The Top 15 Shows On Netflix To Watch Together With Bae

Grab the popcorn.

15 best shows to watch on netflix and chill 2019

Going to the movies, seeing a play, or going to a restaurant is quite expensive. Planning to go to these places with your partner can be challenging, but with the help from Netflix we are able to watch shows and films from the comfort of our own home.

Netflix has created some of the best shows in history. Just this year, the streaming service nabbed 23 Emmys, tying with HBO. Hollywood and viewers are seeing Netflix as a great platform to showcase stories that are more diverse, making them more interesting and engaging. 


No longer do you need to sit through commercials or wait till next week to see what happens to your favorite character, Netflix has created a culture of binge-watching where you can watch the entire season of a show all within a day or two.

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Heck, it's even been dubbed "Netflix and Chill" — and for good reason. Cuddling up to your boyfriend or girlfriend to watch hours of a show at a time is perfect when you can't get enough of each other! 

Gab the popcorn and biggest blanket you can find and get ready to obsess over a new show together.

Here are the top 15 show on Netflix to watch with bae.

1. Get lost in the Upside Down with Stranger Things.


The popular series Stranger Things is a science fiction show that is based in a fictional town in Indiana, where their world is exposed to an alternate dimension called Upside Down. A group of kids comes together in order to find their best friend, Will, and embarks on a journey that has you feeling like they are your friends, too.

Two season are available on Netflix now and the trailer for the third season was just released. It will be released sometime in 2019.

2.  Get your crime on with Ozark.


If you two are into crime shows, Ozark is the series for you.

Marty Bryde, a financial planner, relocates his entire family to a summer resort in Missouri after a money laundering scheme goes wrong. The only way for him to settle up with his enemies is to setting up a bigger laundering scheme in the Ozarks. However, he soon finds out that in doing so, he and his family get dragged into even trouble than before. 

The first two seasons are available to stream now. 

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3. Feel the pressure with Orange is the New Black.

This series was the first ever to receive a nomination for best comedy and drama series ever. Orange is the new black revolves around a woman who gets her self caught up in a drug smuggling scheme that was set up by her fiance. She ends up getting caught, leading to her serving ten years in jail. During her time in jail, we get to meet other women in the prison and learn their stories of what led them to serve time. 

All six seasons are available. It has been announced that the seventh season will be its last and air sometime in 2019. 


4. Get in touch with your royal side with The Crown.

If you two are obsessed with history, drama, and royal families, this show will have you hooked. Based on Queen Elizabeth II, The Crown goes through her life challenges that she faces as she becomes queen. You will get to experience the family and political dramas that the famed royal experienced all from the comfort of your couch.

The first two seasons are available for streaming. The show has been renewed for a third and fourth season, the next airing sometime in 2019.


5. 13 Reasons Why will have you in your feelings.

Based on the 2007 novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, this show follows the story of a 17-year-old high school student Clay and his friend Hannah Baker, who committed suicide due to pressures of bullies. Clay soon discovers recordings of Hannah listing out the 13 reasons she took her own life.


The first two seasons of this controversial series are on Netlfix now.

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6. Laugh at life together with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.


Originally airing on NBC, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt follows the life of Kimmy Schmidt, who comes from a conservative town where she was held captive for many years by the local priest. Wanting to start a new life where she is seen as more than a victim, she moves to New York City to rediscover herself. Along the way, she learns what it means to live in a comedic way.

All four seasons are on Netflix now.  

7. Feel nostalgic with Fuller House


This show will make every day feel like a throwback. Fuller House follows the hit series, Full House, focusing on the daughters of Danny Tanner, minus Michelle, and the annoying, but lovable Kimmy Gibbler and their current lives as single women with kids. They learn the hardships of parenting and rediscover what it's like falling in love again. 

The first three seasons are available. The fourth season is airing this month.

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8. Laugh and cry at the same time with One Day at a Time.

Based on the 1970s sitcom, the story follows Penelope, a Cuban-American, and her family through the struggles of her life as a single mother who is an army nurse veteran. After divorcing her alcoholic and abusive husband, she moves out and raises her two kids with her Cuban-refugee mother. This show will make you laugh and cry all at the same time.

It currently has two seasons available to stream.


9. Laugh through life's curveballs with Arrested Development.

Netflix picked up the licensing for Arrested Development, which originally aired on Fox, and has produced season four and five of the hit sitcom series. The show follows the life of the hilariously disfunctional Bluth family as it tackles the challenges life throws its way. 


All five seasons are on Netflix. 

10. Let Black Mirror blow your mind.

Black Mirror, originally a British science anthology series, discusses the future of technology and the impact it could potentially have on society. Much like The Twilight Zone, each episode covers a specific topic and does not relate to one another. If you and your main squeeze are people who love seeing what its like in the future, this series will keep you coming back for more. 


All four seasons are available on Netflix now.

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11. View life from a different perspective with Atypical.


Atypical  follows a family's journey through life with an autistic teen son, Sam. The 18-year-old no longer wants to feel different from the family, especially his mom, so he decides to embark on a new perspective on life and finf love. 

The first two season are available for streaming. The third season has been picked up. 

12. On My Block will take you on a journey of struggling teens.


This coming-of-age series is about four teenaged best friends and the social pressures that they face in high school and in their own community. Based in the not-so-glamorous parts of Los Angeles, we see the struggles and bonds that these friends face, especially when it comes to gangs and violence in their neighborhood. 

The first season is available. It has been picked up for a second season. 


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13. Dive into true-crime with Making a Murderer.


This American true-crime series is shot in documentary-form and follows the case of Steven Avery, a man from Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, who served 18 years in prison for the wrongful conviction of sexual assault and attempted murder. He was also charged and convicted for the slaying of Teresa Halbach. The series follows his legal case and the life his family had to face during this time. 

All three seasons are available to watch now. 

14. Get thrown into the world of acting with Glow.


Based in the 1980s, this American sitcom revolves around a wannabe actress Ruth Wilder struggling to make it as a professional in Los Angeles. One of her auditions is for a show for called GLOW, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, in which she learns the styles of wrestling and works alongside an old friend who was a successful soap opera star as she tries to become the star of the show.

The first two seasons can be watched on Netflix.  

15. Take a look inside the mind of criminals with Mindhunter.


Based on the true crime book,  Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker, this series follows the start of criminal psychology and criminal profiling use in the FBI during the 1970s. Mindhinter takes on the intense, emotional stories of different killers and the mindset processes of the felons. 

The first season was released in 2017. The second season has been ordered, but no official news about its release date has been announced. 

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