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15 Most Fun, Fluffy Things To Watch On Netflix Right Now

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what to watch on Netflix

For someone like me who has refused the idea of TV for years now, getting a TV in my bedroom of all places might just be one of the best things I ever did for my workaholic brain. Finally, I can relax!

I never knew the boob tube had such an affect, and for someone who is continuously being creative, and thus, very burnt out all the time, watching some TV in the comfort of my warm, soft, black velvet bed is the best vacation I've ever had. And I'm having it every night.

I'll get back to art one day, but everything in my psyche now says, "Go brainless!" and so, I follow the call. But the hard part is trying to figure out what to watch on Netflix. And being new to the call of TV, I'm not that precise; I just want entertainment.

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I haven't gotten into the ratings and the preferences yet; I just open up my Netflix and I think, "Okay, give me something fun!" I'm not always up for a mental challenge; sometimes, I really just want the full on blobbery of not having to think, not having to anticipate, and not having to do much more than open my eyes and ears and let the fun wash over me... without making an effort to "get it" or to even care. That's called first rate blobbing to me, and I'm all for it!

And now that I live on Netflix and Prime, I've got this world of meaningless viewing pleasure ahead of me. And don't get me wrong, I can handle something thoughtful, I'm even up for something great, but I'm not hellbent on quality every time I sloth on down for some telly.

What I've found recently on Netflix is satisfying and, well... fun! If you're struggling with what to watch on Netflix, here are a few "fun" things to get involved with (or not). Grab yourself a cat, a comfy heating blanket, a good, soft pillow, and join me for these mindless but easy going bits of fluff for an evening of meaningless fun.

1. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

At this point, it's part of what you should do, and even though it's required viewing, it's still fun, original and completely unique. Fall in love with this gruff, tough and somewhat elegant man, and allow him to take you everywhere in the world for a profound look at the customs and eating habits of people in parts of the world unknown.

2. The Haunting of Hill House

The whole planet is falling on their face for this show, which I personally find to be a huge bore. However, there's enough ookiness and creepy instrumental cues in this horror-based TV series to make whatever else I'm doing seem properly backed with good background noise.

This is a pretentious snore that is flying on word of mouth. I say use it as background music while you read a good horror novel... like The Haunting of Hill House, for instance.

3. Anger Management

I watch this at least once a year, and no matter how vile one might find Adam Sandler — as yes, he makes me want to yank my spine out through my nostrils — it's it's still a screeching laugh riot. You've got Sandler the Worst, Nicholson the Ugh, and Woody Harrelson the Scabies-Bag, and it all works so well. Throw in boring Marisa Tomei, and I don't know how they do it, but it's one hilariously funny, easy going movie.

4. Norsemen

Honestly, I haven't even watched it yet, but it comes so well-reviewed and rated by friends of mine that I feel it's my duty to tell people about this original series. Hopping on the bandwagon of Viking everything, Norsemen is actually a comedy, which I am looking forward to, because there's just so much cracking open of a ribcage to rip the lungs out that one can take in a Viking's Day of TV viewing.

5. The Twilight Zone

It's the season! I always think of Halloween through New Years as Twilight Zone Season. What is it about these creepy little TV shows that not only last and last, but become endearingly sweet to us in the way of Star Trek or the Addams Family?

Those crazy angles, that jazzy-boozey incidental music, those twisted faces, dolls, devils and robots — oh my! Nothing in the world like black and white psycho terror, and that's where you'll find the monsters... on Maple Street.

6. Terrifier

Another I haven't actually watched, but will due to the fact that everyone I know is barfing their guts up at all the gore. Something about gore and excess blood in film that really makes me laugh hysterically. Maybe it's nerves, maybe I really can't handle it and my mind shuts down and goes into comedy mode to protect myself, but who cares?

I like laughing myself to death while gross clowns do the same torturous thing to another victim for the zillionth time.

7. Earth's Natural Wonders

The ultimate blobbing. Lay in bed and watch earth do its thing. Watch earth being earth without that help of those nasty humans, who tend to come in and ruin everything. Except for filming. They're good at filming the things we haven't yet ruined.

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8. Kingdoms of the Sky

More of that nature rush we could all use. When you've done enough Animal Planet on cable, and your animal cuteness quota is glutted, turn your attentions to the rest of what earth offers. There is beauty everywhere.

9. Constantine

Okay, I'll fess up: I'm one of those Keanu-loving machines. Yes, I watch Keanu movies again and again and again.

First of all, this movie is one of his best, and the performance of Peter Stromare as Lucifer is worth selling your soul for. Keanu plays the Hellblazer character John Constantine, the survived suicide victim who has a talent for deporting demons back to Hell. So good!

10. Interview with the Vampire

If you get into loving to hate a film as much as I do, then you'll love to hate this classic horror flick. Despite the fact that Tom Cruise is actually quite good in this as the Vampire Lestat, he's still so naturally awful that you can walk away feeling all that satisfying hate that Cruise can leave a viewer with.

There are more bad wigs in this movie than even possible, and one look at Antonio Banderas' fright wig will give you enough chuckles to last a vampire's lifespan.

11. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

If there's anything in the world that will send you flying into "I should just read the book" territory, it's this rendition of the amazing journey into comedy and deep space. This is the story where you'll find out about the number 42. 

You've heard of this? Well, learn it! Listen to Vogon poetry as only a Vogon can deliver it. Such bliss, such unasked-for bliss.

12. Blade

I love Blade. Are we supposed to be hating on Wesley Snipes or something? I got that memo a while back, as if we're supposed to care if a half breed vampire slayer paid his taxes or not.

It's just so freaking cool to see this slayer do his job, because as we all know, badass butt-kicking jobs are always done better when you dress the part. Oh, heck yeah. Blade dresses the part.

13. Hellboy 2

Look, the truth is, nothing will ever be as good as Hellboy, the original movie, but ambition didn't hurt this franchise as the eye-candy is plentiful and the action is worth investing the eyeballs in. And if you walk out during a great scene, that's okay too, because this movie doesn't mean anything. It's just another cool vehicle for Hellboy characters to run amok and give us all a thrill while doing so.

14. XX

Four stories, all obnoxious and mediocre. For some reason, they're playing up the "this stuff is all created by women!" thing and, honestly, I wish they'd leave that crap aside, as this isn't exactly Women's Donation to the Planet.

It's four meh mini-movies that have creepy value, a couple of chills, a title that makes you think this is going to either be sexy or murderous, and... nada. Great animated vignettes though, so it's worth watching!

15. He Never Died

If you want lightweight, meaningless fluff, then there's nothing better than Henry Rollins as an immortal cannibal. We've got characters like God, Satan and Death, along with "Jack," who is played by Rollins. Laugh out loud comedy, and it's all about Henry Rollins' priceless expressions and reactions.

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