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Who Is Edison Brittes? New Details About The Man Who Murdered Brazilian Soccer Player Daniel Corrêa Freitas

Who Is Edison Brittes? New Details About The Man Who Murdered Brazilian Soccer Player Daniel Corrêa Freitas

On October 27th, a rising soccer star from Brazil had his life cut short, murdered in cold blood with his body mutilated. Daniel Corrêa Freitas’ body was discovered in a bush by passersby, with sources reporting that he was almost decapitated and his genitals were severed.

Last seen at a nightclub, the 24-year-old’s murder remained unsolved, though authorities assured everyone they were working their hardest to find the culprit. But just a few days ago, a man admitted to murdering the Brazilian soccer player for allegedly trying to rape his wife.

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So, who is Edison Brittes? According to Brittes, he caught Freitas raping his wife, Cristiana, at a party and killed him out of anger.

Freitas reportedly attended the birthday party of Alana Brittes, the daughter of Edison, a businessman. He eventually was arrested and confessed to killing Freitas “in a moment of madness.” When he caught the two in bed, he beat him, with 10 alleged witnesses.


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Edison, Cristiana, and their daughter are all being held on suspicion of being involved in his death. Police are currently interviewing the wife, but there was also a video recovered. In the video, Brittes suspects Freitas was raping his wife.

“When I went to the room, the door was locked. [Daniel] had entered the room and taken off his clothes and locked the door. I broke open the door to my bedroom. When I opened the door he was on top of my wife. She was screaming for help,” he alleges.


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But according to investigators, his recollection of the events don’t add up, and they are looking for more suspects in this murder.

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Detective Amadeu Trevisan said, “Regardless of what happened between Daniel and the wife of the main suspect, the reaction of the aggressor was disproportionate. He was beaten and killed cruelly. It has not yet been proven whether the player had sex with the suspect’s wife. We are identifying who was in the house with the main suspect on that night. We believe three people entered the car with (Edison) and the player (in order) to kill Daniel.”


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After he beat Freitas, Brittes says he put the body in the trunk of his car and removed him from the house, accompanied by three friends. The friends say they tried to stop him from killing the soccer player, but Brittes continued and killed him with a knife.

“I was terrified when I saw him with my wife. I got him out of the house, I do not know if he was awake, unconscious, if he had his eyes closed. I had a knife in the car, a small knife, which I used in the car, which stays with the tools in the trunk. I did not know that I was going to do that, I was desperate. I looked in the trunk and saw what I had,” Brittes said.

Further evidence in this case includes texts messages Freitas sent to his friends on WhatsApp, telling them he was at the birthday party.

He wrote, “I came to Curitiba... for a birthday party,” and minutes later, sent another message saying he would “eat the mother” of the birthday girl. About 20 minutes later, he sent another text that said “I ate her,” insinuating he and the wife had a sexual affair. He also sent a picture of him with the wife in bed.

The case is still ongoing.

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