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Who Killed Wendy Martinez? New Details On Anthony Crawford And The Grisly Murder

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Who killed Wendy Martinez?

Who killed Wendy Martinez? It’s what many of us are asking after the 35-year-old tech executive was stabbed while jogging on the evening of September 18th in Washington D.C. According to reports, a complete stranger pulled a knife out and stabbed her.

Though she was able to stumble into a nearby Chinese restaurant, while bleeding heavily from her neck, she eventually died at the hospital.


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Though police initially didn’t have a suspect, earlier today they arrested 23-year-old Anthony Crawford for the murder. Crawford was taken to the hospital for an injury to his hand and was charged with first-degree murder.

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Though he does have a criminal history, we aren’t yet sure what his rap sheet includes. Police Chief Peter Newsham also mentioned he was not cooperative with investigators.

“I live in this city. I think that it is unsettling for anyone who lives in this city to see something like this happen. This is a very isolated incident. We don’t see crimes very much like this, even during the course of my career. This is an extremely safe neighborhood. This is a very unusual incident,” Newsham said during the press conference.

How did police catch the suspect? He was caught on video after the attack, right before 8 PM, around the time Martinez was attacked. Public tips also led to his arrest. A knife was also recovered from the scene.

But the fact that this stabbing was completely random and unprovoked means there’s no clear motive in this case.

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“Without getting into too much detail, this happened very quickly,” Chief Newsham said, adding that there were people in this area of the city at the time of the stabbing. “I think it is unsettling for anyone in this city to see something like this happen. You don’t see crimes like this very much.”

Though it will require a trial to see if this suspect is actually guilty, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser says she is confident in the arrest. “We feel very confident that we have in our custody the person responsible for this murder. This is an outraged community. This is a woman who should be going to work today,” she said.

Even more heart-wrenching is that Martinez recently became engaged to her boyfriend last week.

Her family is overwhelmed, and released a statement that said, “We are deeply saddened by this senseless tragedy. Wendy Karina Martinez was the light of our lives. Not only was she an avid runner, but she was a devout Christian, a wonderful friend, and a driven professional. Everything you hope that a daughter and a friend could be. She was also excited to be planning her upcoming wedding to her fiancé, Daniel Hincapie. They were engaged just last week."

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