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How To Paint Your Nails For A Perfect Manicure Every Time

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how to paint your nails

There's nothing as satisfying as perfecting your own manicure and painting your nails perfect every time you sit down with a bottle of polish. But as wonderful as it sounds, it's difficult to create manicure-like finger nails each time.

Whether it's painting your dominate hand, dealing with messy polish, or painting uneven nails, there's several obstacles that can get in the way. Fortunately, we've come up with helpful tricks and hints to help you learn how to paint your nails and master the effortless and perfected manicure. 

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1. Practice good nail care.

Cuticle Oil 

While also making our cuticles healthy and growing properly, cuticle oil benefits the entirety of the nail by providing a solid foundation. Nails that have been properly moisturized with cuticle oil are likely to become more flexible which aids in the strengthening of both the nail and the nail bed (preventing brittle and dry nails).

(Try Dr. Hauschka's Neem Nail & Cuticle Pen, $19) 

Hand Cream 

While many think hand oil is purely for hand use, it's also a crucial step in nail care management. Applying hand cream to the nails on a daily basis can help retain moisture into the cells on the nail. By doing this, we're able to keep the nail from cracking and weakening.  

(Try Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve)



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More than physical application of beauty products, there should be beauty products we ingest on a daily basis. One of these daily beauty supplements should be collagen. Full of amino acids (which help aid in nail growth), it's a pillar in creating healthy and strong nails which eventually leads to the perfect manicure.

By consuming collagen, not only are you promoting growing out length in your nails, you're boosting your immune system and also avoiding weak nail beds and brittle nails. 

(Try The Beauty Chef's Collagen formula, $39.95)

2. Prime your nails.


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The purpose of a primer when painting our nails is to help polish adhere to another surface versus apply directly to our nails. This can help with evening out nail texture and preventing our nail's natural oils from interrupting the polish from sticking to the nail.

Just like we prime our face before foundation or our eyelids before shadow, we should prime our nails before applying a rocking polish shade. 

(Try Der Me Lect's Launchpad Nail Prep, $18)

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3. Choose quality polish.

Splurging a little extra dough to purchase quality nail polish is important. Not only will it avoid you putting toxins on your body (look for formulas that are 3 to 5 free — the higher the number the better it is for you), but you're paying for long wear and color payoff quality.

Cheap nail polish tends to either run or clot when exposed to the air. Some of the quality brands that produce great polish include:

  • Essie
  • OPI
  • Butter London
  • ZOYA
  • ORLY
  • Lauren B Beauty
  • Flora 1761
  • Smith & Cult
  • Deborah Lippmann
  • Lechat
  • Der Me Lect

(To help extend the life of your nail polish (when it's over a couple months old), try adding a drop of nail polish remover to the bottle to help thin out the formula.)

4. Use a top coat.


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Top coats are important when applying polish because they act as your last barrier between life struggles (like peeling oranges, opening containers, getting into your car — really anything). The formula acts as a sealer, locking in color and preventing knicking and cracks. Additionally, some top coats can act as finishers, adding high shine/gloss or matte. 

(Try Flora 1761's Essential Finish, $16)

5. Try easy-to-use polish.

There are some polishes on the market that are meant for those that need a little assistance when it comes to applying nail shades, because we all know the struggles associated with the perfect application. 

Spray on Polish

There is polish on the market that (believe it or not) applies with the use of adhesive spray. To create the ultimate, perfected manicure try China Glaze's nail spray. While the formula sticks to our nails, it washes right off of our nail beds and surrounding skin surface, creating a clean and precise mani. 

Press-on Nails

With the many different perfected styles, cuts and trims of nails, it's hard to master the desired "look" without the help of a manicurist. By using press-on nails, like these from KISS USA, you're creating the ultimate desired look without the hassle, time, and money commitment. 

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