What Are Coffin Nails? 15 Best Press-On Designs To Try At Home

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What Are Coffin Nails? Best Press On Designs To Try At Home

Coffin nails are one of the latest and biggest trends in the nail world, and are a popular request when shaping our nails at a nail salon (thanks to being popularized by celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian).

What are coffin nails?

While you may think these resemble coffin shape nails, this style actually resembles the angular shape of a coffin, with tapered sides and a straight free edge.


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This is what coffin nails look like.

“If you were to look at a vampire's coffin, where the head is placed, imagine this as your nail bed,” says Syreeta Aaron, a LeChat Nails Educator. “Now, where the feet are, this is your free edge of the nail squared off at the tip. When filing from the side walls, file straight and inward, making the tip much skinnier than your nail bed.”

The final look should mimic the shape of the coffin.

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Coffin nails are also compared to ballerina nails. Adds Aaron, “I have witnessed clients ask for a coffin and ballerina, or coffin or ballerina nails. I carefully listen whether the client knows that, in fact, there is a difference.”

Again, coffin nails are filed from the side wall straight, inward. And Aaron has some tools to get a better idea of the difference:

“Let’s now imagine a ballerina’s foot. To get the shape of the ballerina foot, I first file the nail to an almond shape, then I square the tip off. The difference between coffin nails are the inward straight file versus ballerina nails, which are the round out shape from the free edge into a square.”


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This is what ballerina nails look like. Notice the difference?

While you can shape your own nails in this style, they are also available in press-on styles.

What are press-on coffin nails?

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Press-on nails are just that: fake nails that you "press on." These are for individuals who aren't completely committed to having something a little more permanent. Press-ons can be worn for a day, or sometimes up to a week.

When choosing press-on nails, you want to ask yourself: what's the occasion?

Adds Aaron, “These can be worn for one day or up to a week. If you're wanting a daily wear for work, look into purchasing from any retail store that has cosmetics. If you're wanting something a little more daring or just to simply match your summertime outfit, look on social media to locate a local seller; if not, someone who can ship press-ons through Instagram or Facebook for a seller of premade nails...

“When choosing from an actual seller, sometimes they will ask whether or not your size would be small medium or large nails, or sometimes they will even ask you to measure your nail bed to provide the best fitting,” she continues.

If you're creative, you may also have a knack for DIY and can purchase tips for press-ons through retailers or online nail suppliers.

But if you'd rather purchase them from a retailer, here are the best press-on coffin nail designs to try at home.

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1. Kiss Gel Fantasy Jelly Sculpted Nails

When looking at a coffin design, you may not think of bubble gum pink, but that’s exactly what these KISS Jelly Nails are. They are translucent gel nails that have volume and high shine, and are also easy to apply.

(Target, $7.99)

2. Butterfly Pink Nude Press-On Nails

Pale pink nails with shimmery butterfly accents are so pretty and will look unlike any other manicure you've seen. That’s great for social media and those Zoom parties.

(Etsy, $22.91)

3. KISS Masterpiece XL Nails in 'Extravagant'

This kit has a sexy glittery look, and not only comes with a full set of nails (and some extras!), but also glue, a manicure stick, and mini file. Not many kits include those accessories, so you need to invest in them separately.

(Walmart, $10.97)

4. Ardell Nail Addict Artificial Nail Set & Blush Geometric Crystals

A blush look is a very understated traditional manicure, but it’s always fun to have an accent nail that shows you do have some edge and a sense of style. This gives you all that, and it’s quick and easy to do at home.

(Ardell Shop, $8)

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5. Dashing Diva Magic Press Coffin Shaped Press-On Nails

Dashing Diva has these cool one-second Magic Press Press-On Nails that, literally, go on instantly and last for a week. Each set comes with 30 nails, a mini nail file, mani stick, and prep pad. 

(Ulta, $8.29)

6. Midnight Blue Clairy Press-On Coffin Nails

It’s awesome how these nails really do seem to fade from blue into black, making the design a lot more unique than any sort of one-tone manicure. Talk about getting noticed immediately.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

7. Neon Green Favelo Coffin Press-On Nails

People will be green with envy when they see this fun coffin nail design. Get it? Green? You'll be excited to press these on in your jammies.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

8. Vinzar French Press-On Nude Nails

French manicures are admittedly pretty divisive in beauty editor circles, but they do still have their devoted following. And these nails are a way to quickly and easily recreate the French manicure look yourself.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

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9. CoolNail Grandma Gray Marble Stone Ballerina Nails

Marble pattern nails have been really popular with gel designs for quite a while at the salon. So, it’s great to see that this fun and trendy look has made it to the press-on world.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

10. Ardell Nail Addict False Nails Chrome Pink Foil

Pink foil nails, or any foil nail looks, are also popular in salons these days. This merges the foil style and the coffin look, with a bit of shimmer and glitter, all at once. Why not follow a few trends at once?

(Target, $7.99)

11. Clutch False Nails Pink Ombre

A less bold, more subtle pink look, each set includes 24 nails, nail glue and nail file. While there will be nails in this kit that are shorter than the coffin look, there are enough to choose with the shape you desire.

(Target, $9.99)

12. Static Nails Ballerina Coffin Press-Ons

What's great about these nails is that they have so much versatility. So many press-on nails are one and done, and that’s limiting. These are able to be removed, reapplied, painted, and even reshaped for full customization. 

(Static Nails, $12.80)

13. ECBASKET Blank Coffin Nails

We've already have been inside a very long time. Why not build up a collection of coffin nails that you can design as you want every week? It’s easier than having to keep ordering them.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

14. Nail Bliss Professional French Coffin Nude Nail Kit

This is another way to do press-on French nails that are easy to apply and remove. It's a great option because they are waterproof, super thin and flexible. 

(Sally Beauty, $8.29)

15. Foxy Blackout Coffin Nails

Even though coffin nails have nothing to do with actual coffins, blackout nails feel oddly appropriate. This set includes 24 universal nails in 12 sizes that fits average, petite, and larger sized nails.

(Foxy Brands, $11.99)

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