Cute, Unique Gift Ideas For Teachers (According To Teachers)

Show them how much you appreciate their hard work this holiday season!

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By Murphy Moroney

Whether it's the holiday season, Teacher Appreciation Day, or just the end of the year, sooner or later, you're probably going to need to get your kiddo's teacher a little something. And while we know that every person on the face of the earth educator wouldn't mind getting a little cash in the form of a gift card, they're certainly not the most creative gift ideas. 

Not sure where to begin other than the checkout section of your nearest drugstore for teacher gifts? No worries! We did the hard work for you by asking teachers to tell us the best gift they've ever gotten from a student — and the answers were very helpful.


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"Some of [my] favorite gifts are the personalized ones. I've gotten pencils, post-its, pens, lunch boxes, school bags, framed signed class photos, ornaments for my Christmas tree, and even a clipboard. They were all personalized with my name or something special from the student. Anything a kid makes me is extra special. I grow basil in my 'Thanks for helping me grow Ms. Gravett' flower pot." — Julie Gravett 


"I love personalized things or things my kids make. My kindergarteners come up with hilariously adorable things that I cherish. A few parents have given me summer tote bags with tumblers, hats, towels, face masks — that kind of stuff, which is perfect for poolside sitting. Also, a lot of teachers say they're tired of mugs but I can never have too many of them!" — Kaleigh Soles

"My coworker had a parent who made an entire homemade meal for her family. She would do this for all of her kids' teachers every year. I'm told the meal was amazing." — Kathy Kelly Mahoney 



"I got a painted canvas from a kid once. I hung it up in the room classroom, and when I left the job I took it with me and now it is displayed in my house." — Whitney Allison 

"Even though I teach high schoolers, I still really like when they make me things. I have a little collection of ceramics, candles, and drawings from students. The best thing I've seen a teacher get when a student gave another teacher a journal log of every joke he make over the course of a year. I loved that!" — Leigh Hennelly 

"The most sentimental gift I've received was a framed collage of pictures from the year! It was so cute." — Courtney Hammell 

"I loved getting handwritten notes from the students. I still have all of them and so does my husband! Every so often we revisit them and it's a true treasure. They warm our hearts and reminds us why we teach." — Tracy Degnan​


"A student put together pictures and a phrase I used often in class together in a frame. I still have it on my desk eight years later." — Kelly Harrity 

"A student of mine gave me a 'Summer kit' that came with a pitcher, pink lemonade mix, and plastic wine glasses. The mom said she would have provided the vodka, but that would of been way too inappropriate! She also gave me dog toys because they knew I was getting a puppy over the Summer, which I thought was so sweet! I feel like that parent really hit the nail on the head with that one; Mommy drinks while the puppy plays with her new toys!" — Kimberly Guiliana 



"Wine was nice! I also got a mug with my initial on it, as well as a framed picture of me and the student. It was very sweet!" — Marlaina Moysak 

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Special Teacher Personalized Wood Ornament

A teacher will be so touched by this Special Personalized Wood Ornament ($9, originally $15). 


Out of Print Library Card Mug

We love the unique design of this Out of Print Library Card Mug ($12). 

Minted The Best Teachers Self-Launch Notebook


This Minted The Best Teachers Self-Launch Notebook ($16) will come in handy. 

Teacher Travel Mug

You can customize this adorable Teacher Travel Mug ($16).

Best Teacher Ever Skinny Sign


This Best Teacher Ever Skinny Sign ($16) will look cute in the classroom. 

Nordstrom Best Teacher Pencil Glass Ornament

We think this Nordstrom Best Teacher Pencil Glass Ornament ($15, originally $19) is so pretty. 

Teacher Stamp Set


This Teacher Stamp Set ($20) is a unique gift idea. 

Pier 1 Imports Olde World A+ Teacher Ornament


This Pier 1 Imports Olde World A+ Teacher Ornament ($8) will look great on a tree. 

Lanyard For ID Badge and Keys

Teachers will find this Lanyard for ID Badge and Keys ($10) to be useful.

Hallmark Teachers Change the World Apple Globe 2017 Keepsake Christmas Ornament


You can hang this Hallmark Teachers Change the World Apple Globe 2017 Keepsake Christmas Ornament ($13) on a tree or set it on a desk.

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