30 Gift Ideas For Your Boss (That Put All Your Co-Worker's Gifts To Shame)

gift ideas for your boss

Finding the perfect gifts for your boss can be daunting, especially if you want to give them something that's more than the usual coffee mug of bottle of wine. You want something original, memorable, maybe even fun!

Here are 30 of the best gift ideas for your boss that are a joy to give. Your gift-giving skills will get you in their good graces. And, you never know, you could get a promotion.

1. Motivational Office Decor 

Give your boss something inspiring to look at during a long conference call that reminds them how awesome they really are. You didn't wake up to be mediocre and neither did they. This print celebrates the spirit of excellence. 

(Etsy, starting at $7.10)

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2. Meeting-Hating Socks

Choose these funny, irreverent socks to share the sentiment we have all had at some point or other. Share your hatred of meetings loud and proud and let your feet do the talking. 

(BlueQ, $12.99)

3. Start Your Day Over Sign

We've all had those days we want to start over. This funny office decor captures those moments in a humorous way. 

(Etsy, $22)

4. Coffee Gift Basket  

An uncaffeinated boss can be a disaster. Find a container that can double as a countertop basket to hold everything and fill it with your boss' favorite coffee supplies. 

(Make it yourself on Pinterest)

5. Toy Elephant Succulent Planter

Take a hollow toy like an elephant and use a Dremel to cut an opening to make your planter. Clean up the edges with a grinding stone, use caulking to seal the cracks, and then spray paint the planter to be the color you want. Add soil and the plant. 

(Make it yourself on Pinterest)

6. Like A Boss Laptop Sleeve


This laptop sleeve is clever and helps protect your boss' prized mobile equipment. The rose gold color is so in right now and you can even personalize with initials. 

(Zazzle, $30.90)

7. Golf Tee Mason Jar Gift

These golf tees are presented in a bit of a sappy way but are perfect to encourage your boss to take some time out of the office. Add them to a mason jar and decorate it with construction paper or labels you print on the office computer when no one is looking. Glue a golf ball to the lid and you're done! 

(Make it yourself on Pinterest)

8. A Jar of Happiness

Be the bright spot in their day! Fill a mason jar with color and spread some happiness around the office. Add a cute printable tag and some ribbon and you're good to go. 

(Make it yourself on Pinterest)

9. Boss Lady Water Bottle 

Help your boss get their 8 glasses a day in with this fun water bottle, perfect for the desktop. It sparkles, like you! 

(Etsy, $20)

10. Funny Card With Hidden Meaning 

This card is cheeky and thoughtful and is a great spot to stash a gift card for coffee or the spa. This is a gift you can mail in. 

(Etsy, $5)

11. Leatherback Writer 

Here's classy portfolio, great for the executive on the go. It's perfect to stash a notepad, an iPhone, pen and paper, all in a convenient and professional package. 

(Thisisground, $95)

12. Homemade Cherry BBQ Sauce In A Mason Jar

Cook up something thoughtful in the kitchen and can it! Spice up a day at the office with a great sauce. Make a roasted cherry BBQ sauce and place it in a jar with a thoughtful tag. 

(Make it yourself on Pinterest)

13. The Treat Yo Self Jar

Your boss works hard and deserves a little "me time," so give them a head start with this jar of spa goodies to make them feel better. 

(Make it yourself on Pinterest)

14. Manly Gift Baskets  

Even though he's the boss, he's still one of the guys. Assemble a masculine baskets full of treats he will love in a manly package. Think BBQ supplies, sports-themed gift items, or his favorite beer.  

(Make it yourself on Pinterest)

15. Cactus in a Teacup

Give the gift of something that is nearly impossible to kill: a cactus. They can forget to water it and it's no big deal. Add potting soil, small rocks and a succulent plant to a vintage teacup. 

(Make it yourself on Pinterest)

16. Yes, I'm The Boss Sign

In case there's any doubt, give your boss a sign. They've probably been asking for one. "Send me a sign!" Check that box with this desk decor. 

17. Natural Spa Gift Basket 

Let your boss bathe in your gratitude with this organic spa gift box of delightful bath time relaxation goodies. You can personalize a made to order selection for a gift as thoughtful as you.

(Etsy for $39.95)

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18. Leafy Resin Paperweight

If you can't hold down the fort, at least help them hold down all their paperwork with these DIY paperweights. You'll need a casting mold, resin, some leaves, epoxy, mold release conditioner, pigments, sealers and these detailed instructions to make this nature-inspired gift.

(Make it yourself on Pinterest)

19. Driftwood Leadership Sign

These lovely driftwood signs share motivational and inspirational messages, perfect for the corner office. Lofty ideals are inscribed on materials that are down to earth. 

(Etsy, $145)

20. DIY Snack Basket 

This basket of treats is a delicious way to celebrate your boss. Add a selection of monochromatic yellow snack packages that spread a little sunshine. Place them in a white basket with a hand-lettered or printed sign to label your "Basket of Sunshine."

(Make it yourself on Pinterest)

21. Coffee Shadowbox

This shadowbox will have you ready for a java-mergency. It's also a gorgeous way to display beautiful coffee beans. Your world revolves around it, so can your wall art. 

(Etsy, $30)

22. Spell It Out Notepads

These notepads adorned with Scrabble tiles are perfect to spell out how you feel. The thoughtfulness really adds up (like the tiles!). Personalize with your boss' name. 

(Etsy, $14.95)

23. Kind of A Big Deal Travel Mug

Your boss is always on the move — and their coffee should be too. It's more than a mug, it's a tumbler! Take your celebration on the road with these great travel mugs. 

(Baudville, $19.95)

24. The Office DVD game

You work at the office, now you can play The Office DVD game. Featuring fun video clips, this game is a great group activity for team building. 


25. DIY Mint Candy Jar

Enjoy all the puns with mints in a mason jar complete with clever sign. Put it together yourself and personalize a sign with your best mint pun. 

(Make it yourself on Pinterest)

26. Place Your Stamp of Approval 

These funny stamps are one of the gift ideas for your boss, especially if they like to laugh. For the boss with a sense of humor, these are awesome. 

(House8810, $9)

27. Like a Boss Candle  

This candle will brighten your boss' day and also lets them play with fire without getting burned, so to speak. Let your gift-giving light shine.

(Etsy, $23)

28. DIY Bamboo Planter

Bamboo grows quickly, like your boss' appreciation for this heartfelt gift. It's also lucky, and who doesn't need a little luck on their side? Add a printable to a potted bamboo plant and you're set. 

(Make it yourself on Pinterest)

29. A Soft Landing Pillow

This throw pillow is soft and has an inspirational expression for when you need to rest your head a minute before you get on with your day. Plus, it could be great for an impromptu pillow fight! 

(Etsy, $27)

30. DIY Boss Sign

This desk decor piece lets everyone know who's boss, in a sparkly way. Let your boss' desk shine when you glue together layers of chipboard, add metallic spray paint, and glitter. So pretty! 

(Make it yourself on Pinterest)

Buying a gift for your boss doesn't have to be boring. With these 30 gift ideas, you can have a little fun with it and you don't have to show up with another coffee mug or bottle of wine. Now go find something awesome! 

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