These 34 Cheap Gift Ideas Are So Cool They'll Have No Idea How Little You Spent

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Cheap Gift Ideas

We'd all love to buy our friends all the moons and stars in the galaxy, but everyone is on a budget and the goal is to not spend a fortune but find cheap gifts that have just as much thought and personal consideration as if we had.

Cheap is a relative term, and for different types of items, what would be considered inexpensive varies. A great hair brush that we consider cheap will cost less than a great piece of inexpensive jewelry. Still, everything on this list of cheap gift ideas is value-priced and full of real-life value as well.

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They'll use it, love it, and think of you every time they see the gift, and isn't that the ultimate sort of present to get, regardless of price?

Home and Organization

1. ECOS Breeze Fabric and Carpet Odor Eliminator

There's nothing better for your mood and sleep than to turn your bedroom into a blissful oasis, curling up with your blankets, your room smelling so divine! Spray your favorite relaxing scent (this will also deal with any of those stale or pet room odors), and then just enjoy the calm.

(ECOS, $5.58)

2. Flylight Insect Trap

The Flylight Insect Trap is a sleek, modern trap that fits perfectly into any home. The trap is pesticide and chemical-free, so it’s safe for children and pets, while the thoughtful design enhances any room it is in. The Flylight attracts flying insects including, but not limited to, flies, fruit flies, pantry moths and mosquitos, making it the perfect cheap gift for this summer.

(Dynatrap, $24)

3. HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker

The HyperChiller is a fun little device that allows you to turn any beverage into a perfectly cooled drink in as little as one minute without ever touching ice. With the HyperChiller’s simple multi-chamber design, your beverage is exposed to the equivalent of over 30 large ice cubes, but protected by two layers of food grade stainless steel, so there's zero dilution in the process of cooling. Just leave it in your freezer, then take it out, pour your beverage in (coffee, wine, spirits etc.), and the HyperChiller will rapidly chill it in just one minute.


4. BCOZZY: The Coolest Chin Supporting Travel Neck Pillow

Many frequent travelers are constantly on the lookout for “the one,” and no, I’m not talking about Neo from The Matrix movies, but the travel pillow of all travel pillows that will finally fit, actually work, and help them sleep better. Let me save you some trouble: you will not find this travel pillow in any airport, gift shop, or gas station convenience store. Gone are the days of squishy bead pillows. 

(BCOZZY, $29.97)

5. Absorbits Wet Phone Rescue Pouch

Absorbits is wet phone rescue pouch that is simple, sleek and a very economical way to dry your phone. Here’s how it works: Just turn the cell phone off immediately, remove phone the case, take the battery out of the phone. Wipe down all components with a soft cloth or paper towel, place the phone (and battery) inside the Absorbits pouch, and check the phone in 6 hours. If it is still not turning on, repeat until it has been in the rescue pouch for a total of 24 hours.

(Absorbits, $12.99)

6. Kwilt Shoebox

Ever wonder if your files on Google or iCloud are really safe and private? Give your family and friends some peace of mind and personal control over their memories and privacy with the Kwilt Shoebox. The Kwilt Shoebox is a tiny yet powerful private cloud storage device which gives iPhone users an easy way to back up, offload, and view all their photos, videos and other files. You connect Kwilt Shoebox to your Wi-Fi network, plug in your USB drive or key, then enjoy all of your photos and videos from anywhere. All your memories are stored on your external drive connected to your own Kwilt Shoebox at home.


7. From Molly With Love Room and Energy Spray

Have you ever walked into a room that feels so dense you’re immediately exhausted after being there? You can clear the space by opening up the windows, offering a prayer or burning sacred herbs and smudging bundles. This white sage smudge spray is exactly that: smudging in liquid form! This magical sage spray can turn any space into a sacred haven because they charge it with the power of quartz crystal-infused water and pink Himalayan sea salt.

(From Molly With Love, $17.99)

8. COBY Premium Bluetooth Speaker

This COBY Premium Bluetooth Speaker has a modern chic look with a unique design that delivers Bluetooth sound from your cell phone or computer. It's perfect for your music-loving friend, and they'll be sure to appreciate it by inviting you over for their next party where this speaker is the centerpiece.


Beauty and Wellness

9. Rich by Rick Ross Hair and Body Wash

Want to be fabulous like the uber-famous Rick Ross and still be in budget? This body wash has ingredients include champagne, caviar, and hemp oil, because who doesn’t want to smell like or be like a top-tier super star? Let your man look and feel like a BOSS all day, every day.

(Rich by Rick Ross, $12.99)

10. Gabriel Cosmetics Multi-Pot

The easy to use three-in-one product is gluten-free. The multi-pot colors add a subtle sunkissed flush that is blendable and buildable. It will become your summer travel must-have.


11. Zaca Recovery Chewable

Does your friend like to knock a few back, but sadly suffers from brutal two-day hangovers? This entirely natural supplement that blends herbs, antioxidants and electrolytes to accelerate recovery after a night of drinking, extensive travel or a particularly rigorous workout. Zaca’s premium formula utilizes proven ingredients to help stave off fatigue, foggy head and nausea that can follow a night of indulgence. 

(Zacalife, $20.99)

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12. HAI Beauty Concepts Paddle Brush

Hot tools brand HAI Beauty Concepts has launched a brand new paddle brush for use on wet and dry hair. Always in the pursuit of ultimate hair health, the brand designed this matte black brush to glide evenly through hair, preventing breakage while fighting frizz and static. Firm but flexible nylon bristles were specifically chosen for their ability to detangle wet or dry hair without snagging or irritating the scalp. 

(HAI Beauty Concepts, $9.99)

13. Golden Door Try Me Kit 

Treat your friend to some well-deserved pampering. The kid includes: .5 fl. oz. Bamboo Face Scrub, .5 fl. oz. Golden Peel-A-Way Masque, 2 fl. oz. Hydrating Cleansing Milk, Cosmetic case. And 100 percent of the proceeds go to charity. 

(Golden Door, $29.95)

14. Nuest Cosmetics Emoji Silisponges

With 6 options to choose from like OMG and LOL, your emoji-loving friend will love these cruelty-free silicone makeup sponges. Its flexible, teardrop shape is perfect for hard to reach areas and since it is non-absorbent. Save money using less product!

(Nuest Cosmetics, $15)

15. BioSilk Silk Therapy Organic Coconut Intense Moisture Kit

The best gift? A tropical beauty regime every time you shower. The scent of coconut oil infused with silk provides intense moisture to both the hair and skin. The 3-in-1 works as a shampoo, conditioner and softening body wash. The oil is a lightweight leave-in hair treatment that can also be used as a moisturizing oil for glowing skin.

(Biosilk, $25.50)

16. Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal Fluoride Free Whitening Toothpaste

What’s better than the gift of a bright smile and fresher breath? This naturally friendly toothpaste gently brightens and polishes teeth with activated charcoal while reducing bad breath. Your friends will thank you as everyone will want to kiss them. Plus, it makes their bathroom look cooler and friendlier.


17. Ramy Brow Master Stencil

Who doesn't want better eyebrows? The Brow Master is the world's only patented customizable brow stencil that allows you to adjust the length, width and thickness of your eyebrows while making it impossible to put your arch in the wrong place.


18. Nodpod Weighed Sleep Therapy

This weighted eye mask is a uniquely shaped, microbead-filled eye pillow that naturally reduces stress and anxiety while promoting deep, restful sleep. It’s like a weighted blanket for your face!

(Nodpod, $25)

19. Georgette Klinger Coconut Mist

A girl on the go needs a little refresher, and whether she’s leaving the gym or headed on a long flight, this mist is the answer. Compact and easy to throw in a bag — be it gym or overnight or your office tote — this will bring a taste of the tropics everywhere she goes.

(Georgette Klinger, $9)

20. Jemma Sands Waikiki Travel Candle

This is a delicious smelling candle that can change the mood in a room in an instant. This is the perfect gift for your friend that loves a getaway, and the fact that it helps you relax is just an added bonus.

(Jemma Sands, $28)

21. Haute Rogue My Girl Black Sunglasses

Everyone loves a pair of black sunglasses, making it a classic and timeless gift. This pair is high style, all at a low price that she’ll love. What could be better than inexpensive sunglasses that look classy at the same time?

(Haute Rogue, $10)

Food and Drink

22. Skinny Dipped Almonds

Skinny Dipped Almonds is an awesome but cheap gift because... chocolate and nuts!? Whole roasted almonds with a hint of organic maple sugar, a touch of sea salt and a skinny layer of ethically sourced dark chocolate, all finished with a sprinkle of cocoa, espresso or pure raspberry. The almonds are non-GMO, have no wax, no shellac, and are pasteurized with steam, not chemicals.

(Skinny Dipped, $21)

23. Just Spices Beloved Morning Breakfast Blends Set

Just Spices Beloved Morning Blends Set is a great cheap but awesome gift for amping up your breakfast regimen. Perfect for the breakfast-lover, the box contains spice options to make even the blandest protein pancakes delicious. Plus, their packaging is super cute. The box includes including Pancake Spice, Berry Yoghurt Seasoning, Oatmeal Spice and Smoothie Boost.

(Just Spices , $26.99)

24. Be Mixed Cocktail Mixers Variety Pack

Zero calorie, zero sugar cocktail mixers that are perfect for the summer, holidays, hosting gifts, or year-round entertaining. The mixers come in three flavors: cucumber mint, ginger lime, and margarita. So good!

(Be Mixed, $33)

25. GODIVA Wonderful City Dreams Biscuit Collection

This beautifully designed gift box includes 32 crisp and buttery biscuits filled with flavors including Framboise with white chocolate and raspberry, the Coeur Lait with hazelnut praline, and the Ecusson Laid with milk chocolate caramel. Can you say yum?!

(GODIVA, $25)

26. Rabbit Freezable Whiskey Glasses

For whiskey drinkers, these glasses will cool your drink down to just above freezing, without watering down the whiskey. The silicone sleeve also protects your hands from the chill.

(Rabbit Wine, $25 for a set of two)

27. Chef’n Glass Pour Over Coffee Carafe

For the home coffee brewer, this glass pour over carafe and cone is a take on a classic brewing method. Designed to make the art of brewing craft coffee as beautiful as the process of serving it. The glass carafe has a patterned silicone wrap to protect your hands from the heat of the coffee and a subtle spout to make pouring easy.

(Chefn, $19.99)

28. Snowbirds Vintners Gewürztraminer Wine

It’s serious award winning wine, in a not-so-serious bottle. The wines were created to be paired with a variety of dishes, so you can drink red wine with fish-no more wine rules. Wine can make a great gift, but sometimes a serious looking bottle won’t do. Get out that Chardonnay rut and try Snowbirds Gewürztraminer with sushi or Indian food.

(Quantum Leap Winery, $18)

29. Tropical Party Pack

The Tropical Party Pack is perfect for that special person in your life who loves a good summer BBQ and cocktail. They’ll appreciate the detailing on the trendy gold pineapple shaker, and matching flamingo highball glasses. It’s the perfect set to bring them a little closer to paradise. Who says you have to go somewhere for a vacation?


30. Barone Fini Pinot Grigio

Barone Fini is the perfect wine to give as a gift, especially to a hostess, as it’s a wine with luxury indulgence, but without the huge price. At for wine under $15, you can't even compare!

(Total Wine, $13.99)

31. Fleurs de Prairie Rosé

Everyone loves rosé during the summer, but doesn’t want to pay the high price. Fleurs de Prairie is an affordable option under $20 sourced from select Provençal vineyards that dot the coastal wind-swept hillsides of the region. This wine is crafted in the traditional Provençal style with a pale salmon color, delicate flavors of strawberry, rose petals, and herbs, and a bright, refreshing acidity.

(, $19.99)

32. Wicked Good Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookie Gift Box

If chocolate chip isn't your friend's cookie of choice, for under $30 you can design your own with shipping and lovely packaging. Wicked Good Cookies ships anywhere in the USA and is a family owned and operated business. 

(Wicked Good Cookies, $22.95-$40.95)

33. d.stil Twist & Lock Thermal Tumbler

Vacuum insulated thermal tumbler keeps drinks hot for 6 hours and cold for 24 hours, being the perfect gift for those who are always on-the-go. This gift also gives back with a portion of the proceeds benefiting

(, $19.99)

34. MAKO Stainless Steel Round Flask

For less than $15, this compact designed flask is perfect for on-the-go and holds up to 5 oz. of alcohol. It's also available in fun, bright colors, so your loved ones have a choice of their favorite.

(MAKO Barware, $14)

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