Who Is Wojciech Cieszkowski? New Details About The Man Alec Baldwin Allegedly Punched Over A Parking Space

Alec Baldwin was arrested for punch a man over a parking space. Who is his victim?

Who is Wojciech Cieszkowski? New Details About The Man Alec Baldwin Allegedly Punched Over A Parking Space

Alec Baldwin is best known for his numerous acting roles, including his spot-on portrayal of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. But last week, his temper got more press than his talent, when he was booked for assault in New York City after a dispute over a parking space. Who is Wojciech Cieszkowski?

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The actor was arrested and charged with assault and harassment of 49 year old Wojciech Cieszkowski, though he later denied parts of the incident on Twitter.


What happened between the two men and who is Wojciech Cieszkowski? Read on to learn more.

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1. Parking spot tensions

The situation began when Cieszkowski allegedly took a parking spot in the East Village of New York. The spot was being held open for Baldwin, who became angry when it was taken. When Cieszkowski got out and began putting money in the parking meter, Baldwin started yelling, then escalated to punching.

2. Injuries

Cieszkowski had to be taken to the hospital after the incident. Baldwin allegedly took a swing at Cieszkowski and connected with the younger man's jaw hard enough to require medical attention. Cieszkowski was treated and released at a local hospital.


3. Not his scariest moment

Cieszkowski is an avid runner and participated in the 2013 Boston Marathon. After finishing the race, he said he heard the bombs that went off at the finish line from his hotel room. He was uninjured in that tragedy.

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4. Business owner

In addition to being a runner, Cieszkowski owns a construction company and lives in Pearl River, New York, where he is a member of the Rockland Road Runners club.

5. Speaking out

When reporters approached Cieszkowski this morning to ask about his condition following the assault, he replied "You know, sore, but I’ll be fine.I’m recovering.” Reporters noted that he did not have visible bruising. He also only acknowledged a passing knowledge of who Baldwin is, saying he had seen him on SNL.


6. Denial

After his court proceeding, Baldwin took to Twitter to deny the allegations, saying he didn't punch anyone over a parking space. He didn't deny that he punched Cieszkowski, just the reason behind it. 

7. Not his first offense

Baldwin is known for his hair-trigger temper and over-the-top responses. In the past he's been accused of punching a cameraman, leaving insulting voicemails for his own daughter, making homophobic remarks on Twitter, and becoming belligerent with cops when asked for ID while out biking.  


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