40 Best Hidden Tattoo Ideas

40 Best Hidden Tattoo Ideas

For the most part, when people get tattoos, they are doing it to make a visual impact. There's a reason, after all, that people get teardrops tattooed on their faces, or cover their arms in vast and impressive (and colorful) sleeves of ink. 

It isn't because they want to hide them from the world, it's because they want to share the art on their bodies with the world at large. Why even bother getting a tattoo if you aren't comfortable with showing it off, right?

Wrong. Sometimes people crave themselves some ink, but they don't relish the idea of explaining the piece to every Tom, Dick, and/or Harry who might have a question about their very personal body art. That's absolutely okay. Just because you aren't down with the idea of having to talk to everyone about your ink, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be allowed to get the damn thing done if it's what you want. Heck, that's what hidden tattoos are all about.

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That's right, today we're talking about hidden tattoos. Some of the tattoos on this list are so discreet you can't spot them at all, while others use different tactics to keep themselves as low-key as possible, making it possible for the wearer to cover their tattoos with clothing easily rather than having to hide behind swaths and layers of icky and sticky concealer.

If you want a tattoo but you want to be subtle about it, here are some great options from the world of hidden tattoos. 

1. Palm tree prowess 

2. I heart your pinkie 

3. Number 11 is number 1

4. To infinity and beyond

5. Chin up

6. Weeds are flowers too

7. Invisible unless under a blacklight 

8. Big toes know 

9. Anchored in white 

10. White ink semi-colon 

11. Where IS Waldo?

12. A poem behind a curtain 

13. Coffee, tea, or me

14. Itty bitty kitty committee

15. Mickey matters

16. Good vibes

17. I heart you 

18. You are my sunshine

19. Ladybugs

20. Forever is your secret

21. Four little letters 

22. That mouse is everywhere!

23. XX marks the spot 

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24. Danger, danger! 

25. Keep going 

26. A secret all your own

27. A blossoming pit 

28. Black and white beauty 

29. What's on your mind?

30. Sun and moon 

31. Don't step on my heart

32. I love you with all my soul

33. The truth is out there...

34. A whale of a tail 

35. The forest for the trees

36. A rose by any other name...

37. The phases of the moon 

38. Draw a line under it 

39. Power up 

40. I see London, I see France... 

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