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5 New Details About The Model G-Eazy Was Spotted With — Including Whether Or Not She Already Has A Boyfriend

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Who Is Caroline Lowe? New Details About The Model Squad Actress G-Eazy Was Spotted With

Despite a briefly rekindled romance after breaking up in July 2018, it appears G-Eazy is moving on from Halsey for good — or for now, at least — with 23-year-old model Caroline Lowe.

In July, Halsey posted a note to her Instagram story to address her breakup with G-Eazy, explaining to fans that the two needed “some time apart.” They got back together for a short time in August but ultimately broke it off again in October.

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A few days after news of their second breakup broke, TMZ caught G-Eazy hanging out with Lowe at a basketball game.

According to TMZ, the pair spent some time shooting hoops (and getting flirty) after a Lakers vs. Timberwolves game. Sources revealed that they also went to dinner with friends afterward, and even took a private flight to New York City together.

While G-Eazy and Lowe’s relationship status is unclear for now, here’s what we know about the model.

1. She started modeling as a teenager

According to MEAWW, Lowe’s modeling career began when a friend of her mom’s encouraged her to give it a try. She entered (and won) a newspaper modeling competition, which landed her a free photoshoot. “After that, I moved to New York with my agency and they signed me up in all these cool locations around the world," Lowe explained, and has since gone on to work for Tommy Hilfiger, American Eagle, Aeropostale, and more.

2. She was on E!’s show Model Squad

The docu-series followed a group of models and their experience in the modeling industry. Along with Lowe, the series featured Olivia Culpo and Shanina Shaik, among others. "This industry can be very overwhelming so to have girls around you who know exactly what you are going through and also know the client you're working with can be of great help," Lowe told MEAWW about the show.

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3. She’s an actress

According to Lowe, her dream career wasn’t modeling — it was acting. "I've always been into acting,” she told MEAWW. So far, she’s managed to make both dreams come true. She made her debut in 2004 with a role in Somersault, and in 2016, she appeared in two films: War Dogs and How To Be Single.

However, she’s since put her acting career on the side as she pursues modeling. "Modeling is my main focus but now I am also very interested in acting and hosting," she explained.

4. Is she still dating Heath Hutchins?


Happy Valentines Day to my boyfriend/bestfriend/father of our cats 

A post shared by Caroline Lowe (@carolinelowe) on Feb 14, 2018 at 9:37am PST

While filming Model Squad, Lowe was in a relationship with fellow model Hutchins. In fact, the cameras caught Hutchins as he prepared to talk to Lowe about marriage.

Now that Lowe has been spotted with G-Eazy, it’s unclear whether or not she’s still with Hutchins, but it’s possible long distance it’s hurting their relationship. In a Model Squad segment, Lowe revealed that Hutchins doesn’t like NYC, where Lowe currently lives.

However, Hutchins did share a photo with Lowe over Halloween weekend.

5. She wants to be a young mom

In an episode of Model Squad, Lowe revealed that she plans to settle down before she’s 30. “Like 28 or 29, bust out a kid or two,” she said, mentioning that by the time she’s that age, Hutchins will be 34.

Something tells us G-Eazy isn't quite on that same deadline.

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