8 Cringey Details About Halsey And G-Eazy’s Relationship, Including Rumors They Do Drugs Together

What were they really doing on that boat?

8 Cringey Details About Halsey And G-Eazy’s Relationship, Including Rumors They Do Drugs Together getty

Halsey and G-Eazy are the latest, most popular couple to inspire #RelationshipGoals online. As two of the most in-demand, prominent musical superstars separately, it's not too hard to imagine what a commotion they've made since becoming a pair. 

And although they have millions of adoring fans that often litter the couple's feeds with the usual hashtags that come with being part of a modern-day power couple, a closer look at their relationship reveals some details that are less than the "Romeo and Juliet" type love affair social media makes them out to be.


Although the musically-inclined duo have only been dating for a few months, they've already done some questionable things that don't quite mesh with their status as a "goals" relationship — including allegedly doing drugs together.

Halsey isn't the first pop diva that her rapper boo has romanced. In fact, G-Eazy seems to have a particular soft spot for loving (and leaving) popular pop singers. Add in that the two have already collaborated on a song together and we basically have the usual formula for today's musical power couples.

So what are the strange things that make this relationship seem undeserving of its title as #goals?


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Here are some of cringiest details about Halsey and G-Eazy's relationship that make us wince.

1. G-Eazy is five years older than Halsey.

Halsey is 23 and G-Eazy is 28. While an age difference of five years in the modern dating world may not seem like such a big deal, it's G-Eazy's remarks that make it problematic. 

In an interview, G-Eazy brought up their age difference specifically by stating that, "It shocks me all the time that she's as young as she is, because even I'll forget sometimes and think she's my age and forget that she's five years younger."


G-Eazy's statement shows that their age difference — while not that large — could still very much be an issue for the relationship. 

2. It's unclear exactly how the relationship started.

Rumors of a budding relationship between Halsey and G-Eazy started back in August 2017 when the pop star posted a picture of her with the rapper on Instagram and tagged G-Eazy, even calling him "baby." But it wasn't the first time the couple was photographed together. In January 2018, Halsey shared a photo on Instagram of the two in a tight embrace from way back at the 2015 VMAs.

There's never been a clear answer on how (and when) the romance started. Even in interviews, G-Eazy loves to praise his girlfriend, but refuses to ever reveal how they were first linked. The only information G-Eazy is willing to give out is that the pair met at a party. 

Staying so tight-lipped about how a relationship starts isn't exactly a recipe for a healthy romance.


3. G-Eazy has a "wish list" of A-list women.

Throughout his career, the rapper has been linked to Lana Del Rey, Bebe Rexha, Devon Baldwin, and even Britney Spears. And they aren't always so receptive to his advances. At the 2016 VMA's, Britney Spears pushed G-Eazy away when he attempted to kiss her during their performance. This, of course, also caused an uproar on social media.

G-Eazy obviously has an affinity for wining and dining famous singers and he isn't too shy about it, either. Back in 2014, G-Eazy released a song named "Say" where he admitted in the lyrics that he has a "wish list" full of A-list ladies, including the current pop queen herself, Taylor Swift.

The details surrounding the rapper's romantic antics imply that his relationships could be based purely for publicity reasons. 

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4. Halsey has previously been linked to rapper MGK.


MGK. Halsey. 

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It seems Halsey has a type, as well. Before going public with her relationship with G-Eazy, it was rumored that Halsey and MGK were a thing. Though it neither of the two ever confirmed the relationship, in June 2017 MGK told Rolling Stone about Halsey, "I won't comment exactly on titles or labels or anything, but what I will say is I feel 16 again."

It seems the relationship was largely a disaster. In an interview with Zach Sang, Halsey reveals how her newest album, hopeless fountain kingdom, is a "Romeo and Juliet story" about a prolonged breakup with someone she was making music with. She and MGK are both musicians... coincidence? Halsey's description of the relationship is anything but healthy, and it seems MGK may have taken a shot back with his song "The Break Up," released in late 2017. "I wish that I loved you / Or that I cared," he writes. Another damning detail? Halsey's song "Lie" references her "head game" — as does "The Break Up."


5. The photo of Halsey snorting cocaine (allegedly) sparked rumors that the couple does drugs together.

Photo: Twitter

Halsey and G-Eazy's relationship seemed to take a particular downhill turn at the beginning of the new year. The couple was spotted vacationing on a yacht in Miami snorting a substance that appeared to be cocaine.


This wasn't the first time G-Eazy had been spotted doing cocaine, either. In fact, the rapper has basically confessed to doing drugs in both interviews and in the lyrics of the couple's song, "Him and I," where he raps, "We do drugs together (together), f**k up clubs together (together)."

This is sad news, especially in Halsey's case, as she's had issues with drugs in the past. "I'm just this fucked-up stoner kid who made it," she told Rolling Stone in 2016.

5. They both have questionable views on relationships.

Their ideal relationship model seems to be Bonnie and Clyde, which obviously isn't the best standard for a healthy relationship. 

Both Halsey and G-Eazy said that they took inspiration from the true story of Bonnie and Clyde for their song, "Him and I". In an interview, G-Eazy even stated his admiration for a star-crossed lovers type of relationship, "That’s a Bonnie and Clyde song, that’s a star-crossed lovers song, that’s a crazy in love, like, we would kill for each other, we would die for each other kind of thing." 


Halsey seems to share in G-Eazy's view on relationships, even going so far as to think that all relationships should follow this standard. In an interview, she stated these relationship views by saying, "We live really cool lives and we get to do really cool stuff together and I just hope that, you know, some young couple somewhere in a slower part of world maybe can hear it and maybe imagine what it would be like for just four minutes.” 

These remarks are particularly cringe-worthy since a ride-or-die relationship is far from being something to emulate.

6. G-Eazy has battled mental health issues, such as a split personality.

G-Eazy has dedicated many of his songs to mental health and it seems to be a common theme that runs through his music. In his new album, the rapper even included his struggle with having a split personality. Another troubling fact is that G-Eazy has never had any professional help to deal with his mental health issues. Instead, he finds music to be his therapy.


G-Eazy also seems to struggle with anxiety. "I get anxiety talking on the phone in public places because I don't even like people listening to what I'm saying, so imagine me telling you this and then knowing a bunch of people are going to read it."

G-Eazy's refusal to accept professional help for his mental health issues could cause serious problems for the couple in the future.

7. Halsey has had her own struggles with mental health.

Halsey revealed in 2015 that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was a teenager. She also attempted suicide as a teenager and spent time in a psychiatric hospital. 

Since then, Halsey has been open about her struggle with mental health issues. And even though both Halsey and G-Eazy share in these struggles, their views on mental health seem to clash. 


8. G-Eazy has admitted to having drinking problems and issues handling his fame.

G-Eazy has confessed to drinking too much in the past. The rapper has said that it took him years before he realized he was dependent on drinking. He's even admitted to living his life based on the Hollywood cliche of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. G-Eazy has even referred to himself as a self-destructive person and has issues with handling his fame. "I've been chasing for years of making it in music and the whole celebrity aspect, then arriving and asking myself, 'Is this what I thought it would be? Did I take a wrong turn somewhere and become somebody I didn't want to be?' There is some self-destructive behavior that has gotten me here."

Being one-half of what has become a very famous couple in the music industry, it's not a good sign if G-Eazy isn't able to handle fame well as he will only be getting more attention now that he's in a relationship with Halsey.

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