25 Funny Quotes About Getting Older That Prove Aging Is A GOOD Thing

You live and learn.

happy birthday memes funny quotes about getting older aging gracefully

We all know it’s coming, but we’re still surprised when the first signs of aging make their debut.

The good news is that getting older is not all about wrinkles, creaky knees and forgetting why we walked into a room. Like wine, we get better with age.

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In fact, aging can be a good thing and is kind of funny, too. Getting older can certainly inspire plenty of hilarious and relatable quotes and memes that will surely have you saying, "This is so me!"

One day not so long ago, I was minding my own business listening to satellite radio in the car while my husband drove us to whatever our destination was. Then, it happened — the DJ played a Def Leppard song on the classic rock station. How could this be? Classic rock is Led Zepplin and The Rolling Stones. They were the songs of my parent's generation and so much older than me. Surely the music I listened to could not be considered classic rock, but here we are.  


That's when I realized I'm getting old.

On the plus side, aging doesn’t happen in a flash. It’s a process. Life is a journey and we’re meant to learn from it every step of the way. The key to accepting it is to change your lens and not solely look at your life as one in gradual decline. While some things may very well be in decline, life can also get exponentially better as well.

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Time after time, research shows that older people are happier. The running joke is that they just don’t give a damn, and while that may be true, there are plenty of other factors that contribute to their overall sense of well being.


Older folks have a more positive outlook on life, they are no longer concerned with the minutiae, and there are fewer difficult decisions to make. Sounds pretty great if you ask me.

Here are a few funny quotes and happy birthday memes about getting older to remind you to keep an open mind, because it’s really not that bad and aging can be quite funny.

1. Your goals change.


"Going to bed early, not leaving my house, not going to a party. My childhood punishments have become my goals." —​ Unknown

2. Thank you, Clairol. 

"There's a reason why forty, fifty, and sixty don't look the way they used to and it's not because of feminism, or better living through exercise. It's because of hair dye."  Nora Ephron

3. Time flies when you're having fun.


"I want to be so distracted loving life, that I never realize I'm getting older." —​ Angel Laney Sutton

4.  It's about balance. 

"On getting old in six words: Losing my eyesight, but gaining insight." — Nora Ephron

5. Wait, what was I saying?


"As you get older three things happen. The first is your memory goes, and I can't remember the other two." —​ Sir Norman Wisdom

6. Love, trust, and kindness are free.

"The older I get the more I realize that the things that cost nothing, hold the most value." —​ Unknown

7. Fuggetaboutit.


"Live your life and forget your age." —​ Unknown

8. It's a skill that comes with age.

"One of the best things about getting older: Knowing someone is an asshole before they even speak." —​ Unknown

9. Hey, wait for me.


"I've reached the age where my train of thought often leaves the station without me." —​ Unknown

10. Never stop dreaming. 

"You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream."  Unknown

11. Bucket list: check.


"You don't get smarter as you get older. There is just less stupid stuff left that you haven't already done."  Unknown

12. Let me out.

"Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened." —​ Unknown

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13. Bad idea.

"The biggest lie I tell myself is 'I don't need to write that down, I'll remember it."' —​ Unknown

14. I hate being left unattended.


"That horrifying moment when you're looking for an , but you realize you are an . So you look around for an older . An adultier adult. Someone better at adulting than you. —​ Unknown

15. I'm curious.

"I've reached that age where my brain went from 'you probably shouldn't say that' to 'what the hell, let's see what happens.'" — Unknown

16. Glad I didn't lose those in the middle of the night.


"I'm old school, when I wake up my eyebrows are already on my face." —​ Unknown

17. Just go with it. 

"The trick is to age honestly and gracefully and make it look great, so the everyone looks forward to it." —​ Emma Thompson

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18. You have more control than you realize. 

"Age is no barrier. It is a limitation you put on your mind." —​ Jackie Joyner-Kersee

19. It's all you


"One advantage to being 102...there's no peer pressure."  Unknown

20. And then go to work the next day. 

"I can't believe we used to go out at night. How did we do that?" —​ Unknown

21. Seems almost impossible now.


"I remember being able to get up without making sound effects...Good times." —​ Unknown

22. This happens more often than I'd like to admit. 

"Some days I amaze myself. Other days I look for my phone while I'm talking on it." —​ Unknown

23. This was all very sudden.


"That moment you flex your foot wrong and it cramps...you think 'This is it. This is how it ends.'" —​ Unknown

24. Maybe a text message?

"Too old for Snapchat, too young for Life Alert." — Unknown

25. Be grateful for each day.


"Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many." —​ Unknown

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