The Age When Your Music Taste Officially Gets Old (Says Study)

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The Age When Your Music Taste OFFICIALLY Gets Old (Says Science)

Music seems like a very weird, yet common thing that all older people gripe about. They typically all agree that each younger generation's music is garbage, and that their music is far, far superior.

Your parents griped about your music, and you probably swore you would never, EVER be like that when you got "old".

We're sorry to break it to you, but you are like that, or are on the way to being like that. 

study that crunched info from American Spotify users and Echo Nest artist popularity data found that people start finding new music as "racket" at age 33.

There are two reasons for this: 1) The older crowd starts to find music they weren’t listening to in their early teens and that was less popular, and 2) They tend to go back to the music that was popular and relatable during their "coming of age" years.

The study found that although we're heavily into popular music during our teen years that begins to steadily decline throughout our 20s. Our musical tastes then "mature" in our 30s. Interestingly, men revolt against mainstream music sooner than women, right after their teen years end.

Parents tend to listen to less currently popular music than non-parents, and having kids speeds up your music-aging process by four years.

What we don't know is if this process is inevitable, but if you hear yourself at a bar or restaurant saying "What the h*ll is this they're playing," you'll know it's begun.