Who Is Jake Paul's Dad? 5 Weird Details About Greg Paul — Including His Alleged Slut-Shaming Of Jake's Ex

He is being slammed online for reportedly called Alissa a "whore" and "slut".

Who Is Jake Paul's Dad? Details Greg Paul Slut Shame Alissa Violet Facebook

If you're paying any attention to YouTube, odds are you've probably heard of Jake Paul — or his older brother Logan Paul. 

The brothers are two of the biggest stars on social media, with a combined 28 million followers on their Instagram accounts alone. Jake and Logan are known for their internet videos, but they are also known for their controversial headlines as well.

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Their latest headline, however, involves a third member of the Paul family: their dad. Greg Paul is being slammed for reportedly slut-shaming Jake Paul's ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet. 

The news comes on the heels of a recent episode of an internet docu-series about Jake Paul. The series, created by fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson, covers a range of topics focusing on Jake's family, life, secrets, and everything in-between. 

This particular episode, titled The Ex Girlfriend of Jake Paul, gives fans and viewers Alissa Violet's side of the story involving her relationship with Jake. She opens up to Shane about the highly toxic environment going on during her time with Jake Paul and his Team 10 social media crew. 


The documentary is actually a fascinating look into the darker side of the life of YouTube stars and the cost of fame at any price. Lines blend between acting for the cameras and real life. People using one another in the name of followers. 

Think a millennial version of The Truman Show



The topic people are talking about most from the episode, however, is Alissa's admission that Greg Paul allegedly called her a "whore" and a "slut" following the news that she had hooked up with Jake's brother, Logan.

Though Alissa does say that she and Logan hooked up, she also emphasized that Jake and her were never in an official relationship.

"And we were never dating. That's another thing. Everyone was like 'you guys, Alissa cheated. He cheated on her, she cheated on him'. We were never dating. Ever." 



According to Alissa, their "relationship" was more a play for the cameras. They hooked up. They flirted. They hung out. But they were not in a committed relationship with each other. 

Still keeping up? 

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One of the biggest takeaways — and something Alissa covers in the episode—- is the double standard of it all. The notion that it's somehow okay to shame women but not men. And as it turns out, the internet also has her back.

So, who exactly is Greg Paul? 


Here are five details to know about the father of Jake and Logan Paul.

1. He's big on social media too.

Like father, like sons. It appears that Jake and Logan's dad loves the internet just as much as his kids. Greg has own YouTube channel focused on vlogging, and he also has a large Instagram following as well — with over 500,000 followers.

2. He was allegedly involved in a sex tape leak.

Last month, Greg made headlines when Newsweek reported that his email and Twitter accounts had reportedly been hacked, revealing sexually explicit photos and a sex tape. Despite the controversy, there was no evidence confirming that the materials belonged to Greg Paul. 


3. He's a roofer and realtor.



Chilling w JAKE before we go see Drake tonight. @jakepaul

A post shared by @ gregpaul63 on Sep 24, 2016 at 5:48pm PDT

According to the site Famous Birthdays, Greg has worked as a roofer and licensed realtor. The Logan family is originally from Westlake, Ohio.

4. He loves motorcycles.

Greg has featured motorcycles in his Instagram feed, including this video in which the Paul family patriarch was taking part in a fundraiser with Bartels Harley Davidson.


5. He's supportive of Jake and Logan's internet success. 

Greg shared this Facebook memory post on his Instagram back in August. In the throwback post, he comments on Logan's rising popularity on the short-lived Vine app. The two boys initially became internet famous on Vine and then transitioned over to YouTube. 

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