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Who Is ImJayStation? Details About The YouTuber Who Claims He Talked To Mac Miller After His Death

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Who Is ImJayStation? YouTuber Claims Talked Dead Mac Miller Ghost

A YouTuber who claims to speak to deceased celebrities has received a ton of backlash after recording an alleged conversation with Mac Miller.

Jason Ethier, more widely known as ImJatyStation, is a ghost hunter who films and posts his encounters with the spirit world. He has come under scrutiny recently for claiming to have spoken with Mac Miller after his death in September.

Ethier, 27, is originally from Canada but has viewers from all over the world via YouTube. With almost three million subscribers to his YouTube channel, he is a pretty prominent figure on the site. His videos rack up anywhere from 200,000 to 9 million views.

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He started making videos in 2015 under the account Jay Station but was forced to make a new page after his first was deleted. He raked in followers as a result of his beginning videos, where he would break into public places and stay the night. Within a year, he had filmed himself sneaking into churches, hotels, strangers homes, and even the Trump Tower. After receiving many warnings from police, he deactivated the account and created a new alias, ImJayStation.

Now, he is most known for his ghost-hunting adventures with the occasional dramatic arrest episode.

So who is ImJayStation?

1. He claims to have spoken with Mac Miller after his death.

The YouTuber set up a memorial on a coffee table and recorded himself attempting to summon the "Blue Side Park" rapper's spirit a few days after he was found dead of an apparent overdose.

“Today ImJaystation contacts Mac Miller at 3am after his tragic death today. He uses a spirit box to get some EVP of rapper Mac Miller. Mac Miller dies at the young age of 26 and speaks about Ariana Grande during the spirit box session at 3am. For more 3am challenges subscribe to ImJayStation," he captioned the video.

Ethier explained that he uses an Electronic Voice Phenomenon device, which scans AM/FM radio waves at a high pace, to communicate with those who are no longer with us. During the 14-minute video, Ethier alleges he heard Miller reply when he asked why he allegedly committed suicide.

"I made a mistake," Ethier claims Miller said. "I'm OK."

The YouTuber quit filming when an Ariana Grande song began playing the TV.

The video received twice as many "thumbs down" than likes, with over 69,000 dislikes. In the comments, users accused Ethier of using Miller's death for profit.

2. He did the same following XXXTentacion's death.

When XXXTentacion was shot dead in Florida, Ethier posted a video to his channel trying to speak with the rapper. A few minutes into the seance, he became worried that a demon was trying to contact him.

Ethier and his crew were not convinced they had reached X and decided to post another video, "DO NOT PLAY XXXTENTACION MUSIC BACKWARDS AT 3AM!! (NO PULSE REVERSED)," in which he plays X's music backward and opens a box he claims appeared in the house. The box contained demonic images, he said.

Both videos were heavily criticized. Viewers accused Ethier of exploited the dead rapper for views.

3. He's known for his "3AM Challenge."


Let’s hit 40,000 likes and I will open the box tomorrow ( at 3am)

A post shared by ImJaystationyt (@imjaystationyt) on Jun 30, 2018 at 2:39pm PDT

Ethier promotes a challenge where viewers are asked to try to awaken a spirit in the middle of the night — at 3 a.m. He encourages people to whip out their Ouija board and see what spirits are lurking in their midst.

He also records his encounters with entities from the "other side."

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4. He was arrested at Disney World. 


Ethier was arrested March 25 on charges of trespassing and resisting arrest without violence, the Orlando Sentinel reported at the time. 

The YouTube star reportedly became verbally aggressive when another park guest took his bag by mistake, the arrest report states. Disney security gave Ethier options regarding his missing bag but he “refused to listen to these options and continued to verbally berate the managers,” deputies said.

Ethier was asked to leave the premises after he started filming security, which is against Disney policies. An officer grabbed his arm to escort him out and brought him to the ground when Ethier pulled his arm away.

“Mr. Ethier stated to me multiple times he was going to sue me and I was a [peon],” a deputy wrote in an arrest affidavit. “He then went on to ask me how much money I made and [said] I couldn’t afford to be sued because I have nothing.”

The deputy added that Ethier told him he would take legal action against him and that "this was going to come full circle and he is very powerful."

When asked about the arrest later on, he said he did not regret his actions. He then asked fans to boycott the theme park.

“I was robbed and then arrested at disney world after having my items stolen when i gave them to security!! Do not go to disney world or disney land ever!! This is why," he titled a video.

5. He could make over $1 million.


According to Social Blade, Ethier reportedly brings in hundred to thousands of dollars each day. The outlet estimates that the YouTuber makes anywhere from $103,000 to $1.7 million.

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