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Who Is Gabi DeMartino? New Details About The YouTuber Called Out For Impersonating Ariana Grande

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Who Is Gabi DeMartino? Details Youtuber Copying Ariana Grande

If you’re an avid YouTube subscriber, you might be familiar with Gabriella (Gabi) DeMartino, a vlogger who shares a striking resemblance with singer Ariana Grande. DeMartino typically blogs with her identical twin sister, Niki, on their YouTube channel titled “Niki and Gabi.”

In July, Grande’s fans blew up Twitter accusing DeMartino of impersonating Ariana Grande after she made a video titled “I Lived Like Ariana Grande For A Day Parody.”

Things got even more heated when Ariana herself responded to the criticism, saying “yea this ain’t it. She was responding to a fan’s tweet that saidL “the part where she tried to laugh like ari I CAN’T F****ING BREATHE.”

Although the criticism from her idol was initially devastating to DeMartino, the disappointment was short-lived. She and Grande settled the “beef” via Twitter with Grande clarifying that she was only trying to be funny, then expressing her own admiration for DeMartino.

Both seemed satisfied with the result, and Gabi DeMartino apologized to any fans who were offended by the ordeal.

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On Sept. 21, however, fans of DeMartino were surprised to see that another Twitter feud regarding DiMartino’s Ariana Grande impression had ignited, this time between DiMartino and fellow YouTuber, Sssniperwolf, a.k.a. Lia Wolf.

So, with the feud with Grande long over, what did Sssniperwolf say to DiMartino? Here are five details about DeMartino’s Ariana Grande impersonation and the fellow YouTuber that called her out.

1. Sssniperwolf made a video about girls who copy Ariana Grande in lieu of a personality.

Wolf’s video, titled “Girl Wants To Be Ariana Grande So Bad,” included shots of DiMartino dressed up as and impersonating Ariana Grande.

Fans of DiMartino were not pleased with Wolf for calling her out and accusing her of being a copycat rather than a look-alike.

2. The two were supposedly friends.

DeMartino and Wolf knew each other and were friends after spending time together in Bora Bora. DeMartino has even described herself as a fan of Wolf’s and had kept up with her vlogs on YouTube.

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3. DeMartino was hurt by the video.

Her initial response Tweet called out Wolf for her lack of maturity. Soon after, she posted a video response in which she described feeling humiliated and belittled by Wolf’s video.

She also called Wolf out for being a supposed mental health advocate while tearing other girls down.

4. Gabi’s sister, Niki, was conflicted about the beef.



Niki DeMartino took to Twitter to express her being torn between her favorite YouTuber (Sssniperwolf) and her twin sister (Gabi).

“I’m just mixed on whether to laugh or feel like my sis is on blast,” she tweeted.

She then told Twitter that things were “being handled” and that she was able to reach Wolf.

5. Gabi DeMartino released a timely diss track for her haters.

According to Just Jared Jr., DeMartino released a diss track on Sunday titled “Yacht.”

She says that it is meant to diss her haters and those who judge her for her lifestyle, leading fans to speculate that it was partially directed at Lia Wolf. The timing, being only days after her beef with Wolf, is either indicative of her target or just highly coincidental.

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