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5 Weird Potential Reasons Scott Disick's 19-Year-Old Girlfriend Sofia Richie Is Starting To Look Just Like His Ex Kourtney Kardashian

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Sofia Richi Morphing Into Kourtney Kardashian Because of Scott Disick

Kourntey Kardashian is allegedly not having it with ex-boyfriend (and baby daddy) Scott Disick’s new girlfriend stealing her look.

Over the past few months, Scott’s current girlfriend, Sofia Richie, has been morphing into the Kardashian he used to date.

Kourtney is definitely more than a little creeped out by how Sofia appears to be stealing her look,” a source told Hollywood Life. “But, it also makes her sad because she realizes how young and impressionable Sofia is.”

Kourtney is not amused by 19-year-old Sofia’s transformation and thinks her ex is behind it all.

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“Kourtney thinks she’s probably being controlled, or at the very least, manipulated, by Scott,” the source continued.

The KUWTK star has tried to talk to Scott, 34, about her concerns but he doesn’t take her seriously, the source said.

“[Kourtney] makes comments about it to Scott, and he just laughs it off and tries to flip it on her,” an insider said. “He calls her a narcissist and acts like she’s crazy for mentioning it, which is so frustrating for Kourtney. But, also so typical of Scott. As far as Kourtney is concerned, this whole bizarre situation is just more proof that Scott and his girlfriend are obsessed with her.”

Here is everything you need to know about how Scott Disick’s may be behind his girlfriend’s changing looks: 

1. Sofia might be trying to keep Scott’s attention on her, not Kourtney.


Sofia has dyed her hair dark brown and showed off some lengthy extensions since the former blonde began dating Scott.

Her style has also morphed from fashion-forward streetwear to a more sophisticated look that resembles Kourtney’s iconic style. Sofia has basically become a younger look-a-like to Scott’s ex, hinting that she might think it will get her more attention from her boyfriend this way.

“Kourtney thinks it’s beyond weird that Sofia is stealing her whole look,” a source told Hollywood Life. “She’s clearly trying to morph into Kourtney, and it weirds her out.”

2. Sofia’s drastic changes seem to come after she and Scott are going through a rough patch.

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The hair change came after the two reportedly hit a rough patch in their relationship.

Kourtney and her boyfriend, Younes Bendjima, 24, had a bit of a “messy” conflict and the Kardashian unfollowed her boo on Instagram. Scott followed suit and unfollowed Sofia two days later, who then decided to switch up her golden locks.

3. He could be trying to show Kourtney he still wants her — in his own weird way.

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A source told Hollywood Life that Scott might think it’s flattering that his new girlfriend is looking more and more like Kourtney.

“Some people might find it flattering, but Kourtney just thinks it’s gross, and that Scott needs to grow up, move on, and start living his life as an independent adult for once,” the source said.

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4. He might be attempting to fill the void Kourtney left with a look-alike.


“I'm just not happy with anybody," Scott said discussing dating after Kourtney.

Scott said after he and Kourtney split he was “jumping around trying to find happiness” and that “these girls are not fulfilling that.”

It may be that he is trying to mold Sofia into a new Kourtney to try to fill the void in his heart.

5. Scott is jealous of Kourtney’s boyfriend and may be trying to get her attention.


"Scott is still insanely jealous of Younes," an insider told E! News. "He just can't come to terms with the fact that Kourtney has found true happiness with someone else."

Scott admitted on KUWTK that he doesn’t think he will fully be able to move on from the mother of his kids.

“I feel like I will never be over her,” he said. “She's the love of my life.”

Kim Kardashian thinks Scott just needs to move on already.

“He’s got to live his life,” Kim told PEOPLE. “Kourtney’s moved on, Scott’s eventually going to move on.”

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