Does He Like You? What You See First Reveals The Truth

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Does He Like Me? How To Tell If A Guy Likes You According To This Optical Illusions-Based Personality Test

When you fall for someone and they don't immediately fall for you but they don't seem to hate you either, that leaves you with one very tough nut of a question to crack — does he like me?

Of course, if you really want to know how to tell if a guy likes you, there's really only ever one way of getting a 100 percent accurate answer to this question, and that's by asking the guy himself.

Yes, a personality test or quiz won't always give you the answer you're looking for; however, most of us aren't exactly eager to ask point blank and deal with rejection, let alone all of the awkwardness that follows it.

Heck, even if the two of you get along super well, you know that asking him out and him saying no is going to make roughly the next eight hundred years of your friendship ... shall we say, deeply challenging?

I think we shall.

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In order for a relationship to actually start, you need to know that the other person is feeling all of those good vibes too. But if you don't want to pony up as just ask him or make a real move, usually you just have to wait around to figure it out, and in the time you spend waiting, that potential relationship could easily slide into friend-zone territory — and you don't want that!

Luckily, we have got you beyond covered. Just by taking this free personality test in the form of an optical illusion, you'll be able to know once and for all how he feels. And then, you'll be able to act accordingly!

It couldn't be any easier. All you have to do is take a look at the image that is posted below. Once you've taken it in, make sure you take a mental note of the first animal that you see when you look at the image. This isn't a trick!

Next, simply scroll down and see how the animal who appeared to you first reveals whether or not the guy you like actually likes you back.

Well, what are you waiting for? Let's go!

If you saw ...

1. The Cat

If you saw the cat first when you looked at this image, it says a lot about how the man you like really feels about you, whether or not you're tempted to agree. Seeing the cat indicates that you have a difficult time assessing other people's feelings because you often get so fixated on your own.

That's totally normal! It can be really hard to get outside of your own head, but until you do you won't ever be able to decipher how a man really feels. The next time the two of you are together, put your own feelings on the back burner and pay close attention to his actions. Chances are you'll easily get your answer that way.

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2. The Butterfly

If you saw the butterfly first when you looked at this image, it's really revealing when it comes to how you see the world and how other people see you! Seeing the butterfly indicates a tendency to look more deeply at the situations around you.

With that in mind, if you saw the butterfly and you think the man you like likes you back, you're probably right! Your gut instincts are usually the correct ones. Don't be afraid to listen!

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