10 Passive-Aggressive Ways We End Up Destroying Our Relationships

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10 Passive-Aggressive Ways We End Up Destroying Our Relationships

By Collette Gee

Each person has an unreasonable and harmful psychological side to their character. And, this dark side and passive-aggressive behavior can undermine a relationship in a dangerous way. If you want to experience a happy, healthy relationship, then quit sabotaging your relationship, and start rectifying it.

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Below are the most typical features of exactly what I like to call “relationship downers” and how they can sabotage your relationship.

1. You’re a Scorekeeper

Contending can swiftly turn a relationship into an unsightly fight of one-upmanship. How can you potentially be a winner if it is at the expenditure of making the individual you allegedly love a loser? Strong relationships are about sacrifice and caring, not power and control. Competitiveness can drain the delight, self-confidence, and efficiency from any relationship.

2. You’re a Fault-Seeker

There is absolutely nothing wrong with positive criticism if it is created to enhance the relationship. However, if done too often, it can lead to consistent faultfinding — in which you spend more time focusing over the defects and blemishes rather than the value in your partner. When you appreciate the good things your partner has to offer, you will get more of the good things your partner has to offer.

3. Your Way Is the Only Way

“If you have actually constantly got to be right, then you prepare to eliminate till completion. No truer words were ever spoken,” states Dr. Phil; “you will certainly battle to the end — completion of your relationship. You cannot be self-righteous or consumed with control and do exactly what’s finest for the relationship at the exact same time.”

4. You Become a Guard dog

When you enter an argument, do you have a killer look, a severe tone and upsetting words? Guard dog might experience short-term gain, however, the target of the abuse ends up being full of bitterness. While it’s simple to fall under viciousness, it’s much more difficult to fix the resulting effects.

5. You are a Character Assassinator

Instead of fault-finding or appealing in character assassination, these hazardous partners attempt to prevent their partner by continuously doing that which they reject they are doing — in such an indirect method about leave responsibility if they are faced. A passive aggressive individual is as much of a self-important controller as the most aggressive, in-your-face individual you might think of — just they do it insidiously and underhandedly.

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6. You Turn to Smoke and Mirrors

Since you do not have the guts to obtain genuine answers about exactly what is driving the discomfort and issues in your relationship, you slam your partner about something when you’re actually upset about another. Exactly what is genuine never ever gets voiced, and exactly what gets voiced is never ever genuine. The genuine problems will ultimately break forth in a torrid method.

7. You Will Not Forgive

When you decide to bear anger at your partner, you trap yourself in discomfort and misery — and the unfavorable energy can crowd every other feeling out of your heart. If you indulge animosity and decline to forgive and proceed, you will certainly destroy your very own life and your relationship. You cannot alter the past however you can handle the resulting sensations and harm by genuinely flexible.

8. You Are the Bottomless Pit

Are you so needy that you continuously weaken your possibilities of success? Can you never ever get enough fulfillment, love, interest or gratitude? Your partner will certainly be annoyed by never ever appearing able to “fill you up.” All of us desire peace of mind, however a pressing craving for it never ever provides your partner any rest. Free yourself from the internalized sense of insufficiency, and discover other methods to feel your self-respect and value.

9. You’re Too Comfy

If you’re in a convenience zone, you are failing to satisfy your duties in the relationship. You aren’t contributing, you aren’t promoting, and you aren’t stimulating. If you do not make a step, it ends up being much easier and simpler to be complacent.

10. You Quit Too Soon

When numerous bad practices crowd your life, you cannot envision there being any method out. You end up being so miserable, lonesome, separated, unfavorable, negative and far from your core of awareness that you think you have to quit. Be strong enough to face your issues instead of quitting.

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This article was originally published at Good Men Project. Reprinted with permission from the author.