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11 Questionable Details About Teyana Taylor And Iman Shumpert's Relationship, Including Rumors He Cheated On Her With Drake's Baby Mama

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert

Singer and dancer Teyana Taylor and Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player Iman Shumpert have only been together for a few years, but their relationship has taken many twists and turns. The couple share one child together, daughter Junie born in December 2015, and married in September 2016.

Read on to find out more about this Taylor and Shumpert's relationship, including multiple allegations of cheating, how they feel about having threesomes, and how a fruit basket ultimately led to love between the couple.

1. It wasn’t love at first sight for the couple.

“You know what’s crazy? I actually played very very hard to get,” Taylor told Wendy Williams earlier this month. “I did not like him at first.”

Taylor went on to describe her first meeting with Shumpert. “When I first met him, he had first got drafted,” she explained. “He was young, he was doing a lot, I was at a party, and he was drunk, and he had his shirt off, it was just too much goin' on! I was like okay, like you’re doin' way too much.”

“He like comes up on me and he’s like ‘you need me in your life,’” she continued. “It was too much for me […] I’m like, ‘baby you gotta calm down.’”

2. “Edible Arrangements” brought them closer.

“We became friends, and he was injured, and I like cleared my whole day to make sure he was ok,” Taylor said in her interview with Wendy Williams, indicating that confusion over an Edible Arrangement fruit basket brought them together. “I sent him some Edible Arrangements. I had just went through a breakup, he went through a breakup. So when the Edible Arrangements came, the person knocked on the door, he was already looking at me like ‘girl, it’s probably from my ex-girlfriend’ […] He didn’t know the edible arrangements [were] from me.”

 “And so the rest is history, so now you’re married?” Williams asked. “Yeah!” Taylor replied.

3. Shumpert delivered their daughter at home.

In December 2015, Yahoo reported that Shumpert “delivered his daughter with his bare hands” after Taylor went into labor weeks before they expected.

After their daughter’s birth, Taylor took to Instagram to explain her husband’s hands-on role: “She came out as a wonderful surprise to everyone! Not knowing I was in labor until I felt her took two ten count pushes with my fiancé playing Dr and she entered this world into his bare hands!”

4. They have a TV series together.

The couple’s TV series, Teyana & Iman, premiered last March and has aired six episodes so far. In the series, Taylor and Shumpert are seen interacting in various professional and personal settings, including a music video, camping trip, and New York Fashion Week.

The series has reportedly been renewed for a second season.

5. It was rumored that Shumpert cheated on Taylor with teammate Tristan Thompson’s alleged side chick. reported in April that Shumpert had allegedly been romantically linked to the alleged girlfriend of his Cleveland Cavaliers teammate, Tristan Thompson. After rumors swirled about Shumpert’s affair, Taylor denied the rumors on Twitter.

“I SEEEEEEE YA PETUNIAAAAAA!! leave my d**k outta this!!!!” Taylor wrote to a Twitter user who first made the allegation.

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6. Rumors swirled that the two were getting a divorce.

VH1 reported in May that, though it was rumored that Taylor and Shumpert would be divorcing, these rumors were false and the couple is still doing just fine. According to VH1, a blogger reported that Taylor wanted a divorce because she found a “secret phone” belonging to Shumpert.

Taylor also addressed the rumors on her Instagram story, sharing a video of her grinding on Shumpert suggesting the two were still very much together.

7. Shumpert allegedly cheated on Taylor with Drake’s alleged baby mama.

According to an OK Magazine article published in May, Shumpert had allegedly cheated on Taylor with Drake’s alleged baby mama Sophie. The article adds that, though Shumpert admitted to having “interactions” with Sophie, all of these took place before he met or dated Taylor.

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8. Shumpert, an aspiring rapper, does not want to release music with Taylor.

TMZ reported that Shumpert is “not releasing music with Teyana” because it will “only HURT his music goals.”

“I could use my wife, but it’s just I would rather people connect with me in certain ways,” Shumpert told TMZ in June.

9. They have had threesomes.

Taylor’s song “3Way” describes threesomes she has had with her husband and another woman.

“Threeway, I couldn’t wait to have with you,” Taylor sings. “I’ma take off my skirt then she gon’ touch me right there. Then it’s gon’ be your turn, so, baby, don’t you be scared.”

When critics said that the fact that the couple had threesomes made them less of role models, Taylor responded on Twitter, according to Page Six.

“Let what be a lesson petunia!?” Taylor replied to one Twitter user who said that the couple were no longer “goals” because they have threesomes. “I’m not losing any sleep at night over UR opinion. Just because I, ME I repeat ME enjoy bussing bitches down from time to time w/ MY HUSBAND, doesn’t mean I don’t respect ‘self.’ So, u should go and enjoy your wack ass sex life & stay out of mine.”

10. Shumpert came to Taylor’s defense following tour drama between her and Jeremih.



A post shared by Thumpy Johnson (@jeremih) on Aug 15, 2018 at 1:02pm PDT

As Billboard reported, Taylor recently announced her departure from Jeremih’s Later That Night Tour because she felt “extremely mistreated.” Jeremih was quick to fire back, reposting a video of comedian Lil Duval singing “I’m living my best life. I ain’t going back and forth with you...” He captioned the video #KTSE, the name of Taylor’s album.

Though Taylor responded via Twitter, Shumpert defended her with his own response to Jeremih’s video, commenting “If this is a threat you send it my way.”

11. Is Kim Kardashian jealous of Taylor?

In July 2018, a source reportedly close to Kardashian and Kanye West told Mirror that Kardashian was jealous of West and Taylor's friendship. West, who produced Taylor's album KTSE, apparently formed a close bond while working on the album. "Kims been feeling a bit put out by Kanye and Teyana bonding over their music. They've spent hours holed up in a studio over the past few months, which Kim feels more distant than ever from Kanye," the source said. "Kim trusts Kanye 100 percent and she knows he loves her, but she can't help feeling a bit resentful about the 'other woman.'"

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