What Does Lit Mean? A Simple Guide To The Slang Internet Term Everyone's Using

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What Does Lit Mean?

What does lit mean? Lit is one of those slang terms that you've probably been hearing (and using) for years. You're not exactly sure what it means, but you have just enough of an idea to use it regularly with carefree abandon... until someone who actually knows what it means hears you, calls you out on your lack of knowledge, and you are left feeling ashamed, embarrassed, and roughly eight million years old. 

Don't worry, it has happened to the best of us. My boyfriend totally thought he was the coolest guy on the planet until he used the word "bae" wrong AND got mocked on the street by an actual nine-year-old for wearing black socks with his sandals. Being mocked by the young is a veritable rite of passage these days, but just because it's inevitable that doesn't mean you can't keep putting it off for a little while longer.

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That's where I come in, your 35-year-old friend who gets what the kids are saying and is here to help you feel just a little less clueless. 

Today we're talking about the word lit, and I'm pleased to report, this one is pretty easy. All three definitions follow this logic: when something or someone is lit, they are bright like a candle.

So, someone high out of their minds? Lit. A party that is more awesome than any other party you've ever attended? Lit. Feeling excited about your upcoming three day weekend? Then you can totally say "I'm LIT about the weekend!" That's totally fair, just DO NOT SAY, "I'm lit like a candle," or then out of nowhere youths will emerge to point at you and laugh, and that's exactly what we're trying to avoid. 

Here are the 3 different ways the word "lit" is used. I've used it in a few different sentences each time to make things nice and clear: 

1. When something is absolutely amazing

"This Apple watch I stole from Brian in the locker room is lit."

"This General Tso's chicken is MAD lit!"

"I don't know what's more lit, the party in this car or the party in the rest station we just left!"

"That dress is Lit, Miriam!" 

"Those Keds your grandmother had bronzed for the party were lit!"

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2. When a party or event is "bumping" "busy" "vibrant" or "fun"

"Who knew that Claire's would be so lit? I just wanted a pair of stick-on earrings to give my niece!" 

"That reunion was lit! Who knew 80 year olds could jam that hard!"

"With the music blaring on that bus I'm surprised it wasn't more lit."

"That dance party are Karen's uncle's house was lit!"

"I didn't think a doctor's office could be lit, but those black lights make a real difference." 

3. When a person is out of their minds on a substance

"I told Brandon that edibles were the real deal. He's lit as hell right now and he has to teach algebra in five minutes." 

"He was so lit he was making out with a mirror."

"He was so lit on schnapps it was contagious." 

"I've never seen someone so lit not falling over."

"I'm so lit I can't feel my face." 

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