Woman In 'And They Were Roommates' Vine Reveals The Betrayal Story Behind The Famous Video

There's so much more behind the story than we thought.

Woman, Man Raven Barkley/ Youtube.com/ morgan_faulkner1/ TikTok.com

Life was simpler when Vine was around. The short-form video platform, six seconds to be exact, birthed some of the most well-known memes to date. 

The popular app, predating TikTok, skyrocketed into fame for the comedy skits shared amongst everybody. 

One of the many viral moments that originated on the app was a meme that has stood the test of time — the infamous "and they were roommates" Vine.


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The video shows a woman in the middle of a phone conversation, strutting down a street and exclaiming, "And they were roommates."

A man who overheard her conversation repeats her statement in a mocking way.


With no other context than that, the internet has spent the better part of the last number of years debating the meaning behind the video — until now.

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A woman has revealed the meaning behind the 'And they were roommates' Vine.

The context of the iconic Vine comes from a TikTok posted by Morgan Faulkner (morgan_faulkner1). 

Faulkner explains that while she isn’t the woman in the vine, she works with the video's star and took it upon herself to ask what the internet was all thinking: what’s the story behind the ‘and they were roommates’ Vine?




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The woman, who has since remained private since the Vine went viral, explains how the roommates were a friend of hers from college. 

According to the woman, the friend and her roommate decided to create a business together but it soon became apparent that the roommate was doing something shady. 


After doing some digging, the friend realized the roommate was committing fraud.

After she called the roommate out on her actions, the roommate fled the country. 

Unfortunately, we don’t get an answer about what happened after the roommate fled the country but the woman further explained how the Vine came to be. 

While she was on the phone with her father, she recounted the story and uttered the famous words "and they were roommates."

She further explained that she didn’t know the man on the stoop nor knew he was even recording. 

In fact, she thought he was mocking her and after the video cut, turned around and yelled at him and then walked away. 


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The woman is aware of how iconic the video is. 

Faulkner explains how the woman didn’t have Vine at the time when it first blew up but became aware of the video after a friend sent it to her.

So, how does she feel about being part of pop culture history?


“She thinks it’s awesome,” Faulkner said in the TikTok. “She’s never made a dollar from that video, it’s that guy’s video and she’s never talked to that guy again. She’s never done interviews because she and her family just want to remain private.”

However, Faulkner said she does think the whole thing is quite funny — so much so that she has a sticker of the iconic vine plastered on her yellow Hydroflask. 

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