Are Cortney And Antonio From '90-Day Fiancé' Still Together? Reality Star Moves On With Andreas Kunz

Did Courtney find happily ever after with the Spanish model Antonio?

Are Cortney and Antonio From '90-Day Fiancé' Still Together? Reality Star Moves On With Andreas Kunz Instagram

In 2017, fans of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days met Cortney Reardanz and Antonio Millon. Reardanz, a 29-year-old Florida native and world traveler, met 34-year-old Spanish model Millon online. They struck up a flirtation via text message and agreed to meet in person.

Reardanz packed up and headed to Spain to see if true love was in the air. When she arrived, however, she was in for a few surprises. Millon may be a professional model, but he wasn’t a model boyfriend.


The couple’s future was uncertain when Reardanz left to return to the U.S., but on a tell-all episode, the couple told audiences they were trying to make it work long-distance. When TLC cameras started filming them again for 90 Day Fiancé: What Now?, things weren’t quite as hopeful for them.

However, with the new series 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined, Reardanz appears to have a new boyfriend.

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So, are Cortney and Antonio still together or officially broken up, and who's her reported new boyfriend? Read on to find out.

Who is Cortney Reardanz? She travels full-time.

She's in the enviable position of having saved enough to leave her day job and travel almost full-time. She indicates that a combination of investments and blogging make her lifestyle possible, as does some help from her parents. She lives with them in Florida when she’s not traveling.

Who is Antonio Millon? He's a model.

Because Reardanz spends so much time overseas, she also started looking for love overseas, using apps to meet international bachelors. That's where she met Millon.


He was working as a model in Spain. His Instagram page is filled with lots of hot pictures of the stylish man and it’s easy to see how Reardanz was ready to hop a flight to meet him in person.



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Her loved ones noticed the red flags.


One thing that gave everyone in Reardanz’s life serious concerns before she headed to Spain was that all of her interactions with Millon had been via text and social media. No calls, no videochat.

She defended it, saying he never had the time, but she still flew off to see him while not being quite sure he was who he said he was.

They got off to a bad start.

To make matters more sketchy, Millon didn’t show up to meet Reardanz at the airport, sending a text to say he had to work and he’d meet her later. Luckily, Reardanz is a seasoned traveler and was able to negotiate a foreign country on her own, but the brush-off didn’t seem like the act of a man in love.


Once they did meet, he hustled her off to another work event: a beauty pageant he was judging. Even lovestruck Reardanz was annoyed by that turn of events.

He gave her mixed signals.

Once the couple settled into Millon’s apartment to get to know each other, they seemed to make progress and make up for the bad beginning. But the whole visit was riddled with moments that would make anyone wonder about their date’s intentions.

Millon’s phone was blowing up with messages from other women. His friends told Reardanz that he had a history of commitment issues. And at one point, he disappeared for a day to go to his mom’s house, leaving Reardanz alone in the apartment during a heat wave, while the air conditioning was broken.


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She was still willing to make the relationship work.

A lot of people would have gotten on their flight home and chalked the whole experience up as a life lesson. Reardanz, however, was determined to make it work with Millon and he seemed willing to play along.

In the tell-all, Millon Skyped in to tell audiences that he and Reardanz were still dating and had even decided to be exclusive. He said he could see marriage in their future. But the couple had no plans for being on the same continent at that time.

She gave an update on 90 Day Fiancé: What Now?


When 90 Fiancé: What Now? caught up with them, Reardanz told cameras that she and Millon had seen each other a number of times and had taken various trips together. But she was increasingly frustrated with the distance and Millon’s reluctance to commit more.

She confessed to friends that Millon was working a gig in New York City, but hadn’t even suggested that she come up and visit him.

Reardanz ended things in summer 2018.


Finally, Reardanz decided to call it quits, catching Millon over FaceTime as he explored New York City. She told him she didn’t see a future with him. He made a decent attempt to seem sad about it, but audiences wondered if his real sadness was over the loss of his shot at reality TV fame.

So, it definitely doesn’t seem like the former pair are still together. She doesn’t even seem to follow his Instagram anymore. 

She seems to have a new boyfriend.


Reardanz recently returned to reality TV with the new series 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined. In the new show, she appears to now have a new boyfriend named Andreas Kunz whom she is quarantining with. However, they seem to not be on the same page regarding their relationship.

The man in question is named "Andy" and, in a confessional, Reardanz admitted, “I met Andy via email. I work with Andy because I’m the brand ambassador for his period cup company. So, I just came here for the weekend to get my hair done and do some photo shoots and now like, I’m stuck here.”

She also revealed that she'd been in quarantine for three weeks, adding, “I miss my parents and would like to go home. Every day I’m fighting with him and feeling drained, but I’m also scared and don’t want to infect them if I’m silently carrying the virus or something like that.”

Reardanz also said, “Andy calls me his girlfriend and thinks we’re in a relationship, talks about marriage or the future and stuff. I’m just like ehhh.” They also seem to argue a lot, and Readanz has shot down Andy's request to meet her parents after the quarantine ends. 


Reportedly, they've only been dating for two months, so it's really not that weird that she doesn't him to meet her parents yet. And despite the tension, the couple seemed to end their part of the show on a good note as they agreed to try to work through their issues together while quarantined.

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