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25 Best Prosecco Memes & Quotes To Help You Celebrate National Prosecco Day The Right Way

For years, champagne dominated the industry as the preferred sparkling wine for any type of upscale social function, including wedding receptions and New Year's Eve parties. It wasn't just a drink though; it was a symbol of sophistication.

It was as if telling someone you are drinking champagne instantly gave you an imaginary set of pearls.

Even though champagne has been a popular and classy beverage, it isn't the most affordable option — so when prosecco came along with more budget-friendly prices, it began giving champagne a run for it's money ... literally. 

An ABC News story from December 2017 reported that, according to the sparkling and fine wine importer Mionetto USA, prosecco sales have grown by the double digits in the last nine years. Even though it's a cheaper alternative to champagne, it's still considered a sophisticated drink.

Since prosecco is more popular than ever, it's only fitting that it should have it's own day. National Prosecco Day is August 13. The summer date is appropriate considering that prosecco sales increase the most during the spring and summer. 

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So, what's the difference between prosecco and champagne?

Let's start with their names. If you haven't yet noticed, the names prosecco and champagne are derived from two different languages: Italian and French. Champagne comes from the Champagne region located in northeastern France, while prosecco comes from Italy's Veneto region, which is just north of Venice. 

However, their origins aren't the only difference between prosecco and champagne. 

Champage is made with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and the Pinot Meunier grapes. Prosecco, on the other hand, is made from Glera grapes. 

They also have different processes for the second fermentation, which is how the drink gets carbonated - or in other words, becomes bubbly.

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Champagne's second fermentation must happen in the same bottle that the champagne will be served from, and prosecco's second fermentation occurs in stainless steel tanks. Because prosecco has a more cost and time effective second fermentation process, this is a major reason why it is more affordable for consumers as opposed to champagne.

That difference in price isn't subtle either. Champagne prices can start around $40 a bottle, while prosecco may cost as low as $12 per bottle. 

With prosecco currently living it's best life in the hearts and wallets of consumers, it's time to pop open a bottle in celebration of National Prosecco Day. As you sip on this delicious sparkling wine, enjoy the 25 best quotes and memes about all things prosecco. Alla salute! 

1. A sign of true friendship.

"Friends don't let friends drink prosecco alone."

2. Metaphorically speaking...

"You know what rhymes with Friday? Prosecco!"

3. When you're running late.

"I'll be there, in a prosecco!"

4. Is that team Marvel then or DC?

"I make prosecco disappear. What's your superpower?"

5. When someone asks if you can speak another language...

"I may not speak Italian but I'm fluent in prosecco!"

6. This sounds more acceptable.

"It's not a hangover. It's wine flu."

7. Stay calm, my friends.

"Keep calm and drink prosecco."

8. Who needs a man when you have prosecco?

"A good man can make you feel strong, , and able to take on the world...oh, wait...that's wine...wine does that."

9. Keeping your priorities in check. 

"I save my carbs for wine. It's called priorities."  Carrie Bradshaw

10. Prosecco gets us. 

"We're a bit like prosecco you and me: classy, bubbly, and often drunk at parties."

11. Starting the party like...

"On your marks, get set...prosecco!"

12. I can't find this on Google Maps though.

"Prosecco Street, City of Bubbles."

13. Stay classy.

"Prosecco....how classy people get s---faced."

14. Where you'll find us...

"We're in the garden drinking prosecco."

15. Life goals.

"All you need is love, laughter, and prosecco."

16. When the holiday season rolls around.


17. Sounds about right.

"One prosecco, two prosecco, three prosecco, floor."

18. Giving us that dance floor confidence.

"'Trust me, you can dance.' - Prosecco"

19. When coffee just won't cut it.

"Step aside coffee, this is a job for prosecco."

20. Look on the bright side.

"Don't cry over spilt milk, it could have been prosecco."

21. Speaking honestly...

"I don't need an inspirational quote. I need prosecco."

22. It's that time again.

"Knock knock, it's prosecco o'clock."

23. The question is irrelevant. 

"Prosecco is the answer. What was the question?"

24. Hello fabulous!

"Hand me the prosecco and watch me get fabulous!"

25. Just these two occasions....

"I only drink prosecco on two occasions: when it's my birthday....and when it's not."

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