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The 5 Zodiac Signs Who Believe It's Okay To Cheat (Under Certain Circumstances)

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The 5 Zodiac Signs Who Don't Feel Guilty When Unfaithful

If you ask people what they think about cheating, most of them will tell you that it’s wrong. They will tell you that cheating ruins relationships, causes additional stress between partners, and labels you a cheater for the rest of your dating life.

But for some zodiac signs, this is not all true. Sure, some zodiac signs believe that cheating is inherently wrong, but others believe that cheating gets a bad rap.

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These same zodiac signs might not stand up for cheaters or behavior that condones cheating, but they are more likely than other zodiac signs to actually cheat on their partners.

Whether that is cheating emotionally, physically, or in another way, some zodiac signs just don’t find cheating to be all that wrong.

The reasons people cheat are not always so cut and dry or black and white, either. Cheating is a complex matter that really only involves the people in the relationship.

While some of these reasons can be that one person in the relationship wants more partners or is just unsatisfied in their current relationship, what it really boils down to is what’s going on within the relationship.

Sometimes, people cheat because they are trying to fulfill something in their lives that their partner can’t give them.

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That said, they don’t necessarily want to break up with their current partner, either.

Maybe one person has fallen out of love with their partner, but they still have an emotional attachment to them. They might cheat because they’re looking for somebody to satisfy them physically, even though they still have somebody to satisfy them emotionally.

I don’t try to understand why people cheat on their partners, because it is such a complex situation that not everybody understands. But if any subject that is both not really morally wrong to some and not really morally right to others can make you say, “Yeah, I can see why somebody would do that,” it’s cheating.

But whether you are the cheater or the cheatee, it might be a good idea to put the relationship on hold, figure out what you want to happen next, and decide where to go from there.

Whether they just don’t find cheating morally bad, or they are outright believers that cheating is not a terrible thing, there are a few zodiac signs who truly believe that cheating is not wrong.

If you want to know exactly why they don’t think cheating is wrong, that is a question for them, because I do not think I can answer that.

Keep reading to find out which horoscope signs don’t think cheating is wrong, according to astrology.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Aries doesn’t go into a relationship only thinking about cheating. In fact, she can be a very devoted partner. That said, she’s also incredibly curious – always has been, always will be. And when she gets curious about what it would be like to have a love affair with someone who is definitely not her partner, it can damage her relationship.

Aries’ curiosity is what’s going to get her in trouble. Whether her current relationship isn’t giving her everything she wants, or she just doesn’t want to live not knowing what it would be like to be with someone else, she’ll be the zodiac sign who will always have a reason why she cheated. She’s a wanderer by nature, which can be very unfortunate for her partners.

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini is a cheater just because. She has a hard time committing to one person anyway, so when you catch her cheating for the millionth time, it can’t really be that much of a surprise to you. When you start a relationship with Gemini, you have to know that she’s not going to play by the rules. She might seem like she’s really into you, but cheating is just in her genes.

Whether she plans it or not, she’s gonna find someone to cheat on you with. It might not be right away, but it will eventually happen (sorry). She is curious by nature and will always think "what if?" when she sees someone she's attracted to. Gemini will also either straight-up admit that she cheated or lie to you long after you've broken up, depending on how she wants to handle the mess.

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VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo is the kind of zodiac sign that encourages cheating because she thinks that if you have a good enough reason, you can do whatever you want. Virgo knows what she wants in a relationship and will do whatever she can to make that happen. She’s not the kind of person you date with only half interest. You either date her with your whole self or not at all.

When Virgo cheats, she tries to justify it by blaming everyone but herself. It’s your fault she had to sleep with someone else, you don’t make her happy, it was bound to happen anyway – she has a lot of excuses. What she doesn’t have is the confidence to just admit to herself that she doesn’t think cheating is wrong – and that there’s no one to blame but herself.

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LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Libra is a fierce lover. When you’re in a relationship with her, you have to know that she’s going to be very intense and serious about the relationship. She’s also going to want a lot from you – a lot of attention, love, and adoration. When Libra cheats, it’s because she’s not getting enough attention. Of course, the reason why she doesn’t think cheating is wrong is a whole other thing.

Libra might not outright condone cheating, but she definitely understands why people does it. When she cheats, it’s because she’s looking for someone to give her something you can’t give her. Whether that’s emotional availability, intimacy, or just closeness, Libra has needs – and she plans on doing what she has to do to find someone to take care of those needs.

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius doesn’t like to be tied down to only one person, so cheating for her is just something that comes naturally. In fact, she doesn’t even really see it as cheating at all. She would much rather think of what she does as keeping her options open. Who knows? She might find someone that’s a lot better than you are, but she’ll never know unless she explores that option.

Sagittarius’ excuse for not thinking that cheating is wrong is that you only live once. She might try to explain away her cheating by saying that she was feeling claustrophobic in her current relationship or that she’s never been good in a serious relationship anyway, but that’s really only for your benefit. Ask her if she really cares that she’s a cheater and she’ll probably shrug and say no.

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