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Are Celina Powell And Aaron Carter Dating? New Details About Their Rumored Secret Relationship

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Are Celina Powell and Aaron Carter dating

Are Celina Powell and Aaron Carter dating? Celina Powell has been in the news a lot lately. She’s known as a notorious rap groupie who seduces rappers (some of whom are married!), and then later claims they fathered her child. Yeah, she seems like a charming young lady.

So far, she’s lied about Offset being the father of her baby, and also recently claimed that Snoop Dogg cheated on his wife with her. Offset is Cardi B’s baby daddy, so it’s no wonder it’s stirred up some drama between the three.

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And as for the rumors with Snoop Dogg, he’s publicly denied her allegations and put her on blast in his trailer for “Clout Chasers,” a soon-to-be produced show. According to Snoop, a “clout chaser” is “a person who strategically associates themselves with the success of a popular person or a current contemporary trend to gain fame and attention. This personality disorder is often resembled as ‘riding the wave’ without concern for damage or integrity.”

But is she lying about her most recent rumored relationship with none other than Aaron Carter? Are Celina Powell and Aaron Carter dating  or is it just another ploy for her to get attention?

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On July 20th, Powell posted photos on her Instagram live of the two looking cozy and comfortable. One was captioned “All smiles when I’m with you love,” and the other “My Lil Babyy.” In the photos, Powell and Carter are sitting close with him looking up at her. And in another, she’s leaning back against him while he sits right behind her.

Are the two just friends — or something more? Well, according to Carter’s rep, the singer “is single and dating and currently looking for the right girl.” But regarding Powell, Aaron has said that “not everyone who comes into my life is meant to stay.”

Perhaps they had a romance and broke things off? Still, it's odd the photo was posted three days ago. Maybe Carter got wind of Powell’s accusations against multiple rappers and didn’t want to suffer the same fate.

Powell herself even shot the rumors down, responding on Twitter:

So, it seems like they aren’t dating, but she could be lying about that too. You just never know with her.

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