Who Is Celina Powell? 5 New Details About Offset's Alleged Baby Mama And The DNA Test Results

Meet the 'trapper of rappers.'

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Who is Celina Powell? And what are the results of the Offset DNA test? You may have heard about the scandal with Offset, his pregnant girlfriend, rapper Cardi B, and rap groupie Celina Powell. But who is this self-proclaimed "rapper exposer" and why is she claiming she gave birth to Offset's daughter a few months ago? Is she trying to get her baby daddy to buck up and take responsibility? Is she causing drama just for the spotlight? Or is she simply looking for some coin?


Celina Powell has achieved notoriety for the past few years in the rap world. She has a knack for seducing rappers into her trap and has been quite successful at catching prey. (Just ask the members of the XXL Freshman list.)

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Powell has no shame in her rap trap game. She's quite proud of all the rapper tail she's able to get and isn't hy about exposing anyone. Her voluptouos good looks play a part but she must have other tricks up her sleeve. Need any more proof? Listen to her interviews with bestie Dj Akademiks; she does not hold back and lets him in on every minute detail of her life. 

Most recently, Powell has been vocal about rapper Offset from Migos. She claims that she's Offset's baby mama and that he's the father of her daughter, Karma Kiari.

With Offset's other baby mama Cardi B just a few months from giving birth to another child of his, the scandal has blown up.

Celina spoke to Hollywood Life about how she served the rapper and his crew with papers legally obligating him to take a DNA test. "Offset was in town for a concert, near where I live in Colorado, and I pretended to be the venue’s manager. I acted like I was the promoter and called up [Offset's] team to find out when they will be at the venue...Because in his mind, he thinks I am lying. DNA cases are closed cases so he probably thinks it’s going to come out negative and I am going to post it and he can say I faked it or something and have no proof. But watch it come out positive and he will have to pay me!"


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In the past Offset hasn't seemed to pay much attention to Powell except for when he was the one serving her with papers — cease and desist papers, that is. Offset's legal team served the hip-hop groupie with papers at the end of 2017 accusing her of trying to defame him. They also threatened to sue her for  “defamation and to recover compensatory and punitive damages” if she continued to try and pursue any sort of drama with him or make any more false claims. 

It may seem like Powell is putting all of her affairs out there — and that's because she is. Not just personal affairs either, but real affairs with real married men. Powell believes if a man is willing to stray anyway then they're fair game. She doesn't really seem to care about her reputation either, which makes her more interesting. (Well, to everyone except for the women whose husbands she's allegedly sleeping with — #tbt to when she claimed Wacka Flacka had impregnated her.)

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So is she telling the truth about being Offset's baby mama? Let's investigate...

1. She named her daughter after Offset. 

Powell named her one-month old daughter, Karma Kiari Cephus, which is a surname of Offset's real name Kiari Kendrell Cephus. Obviously, this is another way for her to point the finger at the Migos singer. Bold or just a bold-faced lie? 


2. She took a pregnancy test on air live with her pal Dj Akademiks. 

You read that right. Powell took the test live and on camera. She spent enough time exposing rappers in interviews that she finally felt it was time to expose some personal details of her own life. Viewers were not disappointed. Powell is unafraid and does not see privacy as a necessity in her life. 

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3. She has connections with many other rappers.

Including Fetty Wap, O'Shea Jackson Jr., and Wacka Flacka Flame. She isn't shy about any of her previous trysts. In fact, she seems proud of them. Forget the fact that these men are taken; they're just another notch on her belt.

4. Her Instagram was previously disabled.


A post shared by Celina Powell (@celinaraepowell) on Apr 19, 2018 at 2:09am PDT

Her selfies and other pics have caused some controversy on the site before this whole ordeal. Powell had 200,000 followers under the handle xocelina187 when her profile was shut down. She came back with a backup account under the name iamcelinapowell.

Her selfies have caused controversy on Instagram way before the whole Offset ordeal. Powell had 200,000 followers under the handle @xocelina187 when her profile was shut down. She came back with a backup account under her current Instagram handle @iamcelinapowell.


5. She's had Twitter beef with Cardi B.

Offset tweeted saying Powell is lying and had a few other colorful and choice words for her, too. This only made things worse, and Powell responded with  vengeance by reminding everyone on Twitter about the court-ordered DNA test that took place on April 19th and that we can expect results soon. Offset clapped back, making it clear he doesn't care about Powell or her claims. He seems very certain that she's lying. His girlfriend, Cardi B eventually joined in reprimanding Celina and her followers but soon after deleted the tweets.

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