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New Details And How To Watch The Alicia Machado Sex Tape

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Celebrity sex tapes seem to come out so often, they’re like candy at this point. It launched Kim Kardashian to super stardom, gave Paris Hilton media attention, and almost destroyed Rob Lowe’s career!

But celebrities aren’t the only ones who are vulnerable to having their private moments end up on our computer screens. Case in point? New details about and how to watch the Alicia Machado sex tape. 

You may remember Machado as one of many victims of Donald Trump’s offensive mouth, mocking and referring to her as “Miss Piggy.” Oh yeah, did we mention that Machado won Miss Universe in 1996? And that she was Miss Venezuela in 1995? Not only is she poised and smart, but she’s also beautiful.

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His comments plagued her with shame, and unfortunately, those same feelings are probably surfacing all over again.

In 2005, Machado appeared on a Spanish television reality show called La Granja VIP, which translates to The VIP Farm. The show took celebrities and placed them on a rural farm, working and living. Having sex with fellow contestants is probably a given, too, if you’ve seen as many Real World episodes as me.

Being that this was a reality show, there were cameras everywhere. Which didn’t seem to bother Machado much because she and her co-star Fernando Acaso had sex... on camera. And in the next bed over, fellow co-stars Dani DJ and Maria Isabel Ruiz, who was Miss Spain 2004, were in bed together as well.

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Because this was so long ago, one might think that the world would forget what happened, but that isn’t the case here. When Machado popped back into the news during a 2016 presidential debate, so did her video. Hillary Clinton used Machado to make a point about Trump’s character, leading to Machado campaigning for her to tell her story.


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But her sex tape also became public knowledge and since then, it’s received almost five million views on Believe it or not, it hasn’t damaged her career, and just like Kardashian and Hilton, it’s given her fame in the best possible way.

She’s become a popular actress in Latin America since the tape’s acknowledgement, starring on multiple telenovelas, including Lo imperdonable and La Madame. She even has two completed films that are set to premiere in the near future: ¡He Matado A Mi Marido! and Juan Apóstol, El Más Amado.

So, yes, the Alicia Machado sex tape made waves, but they’ve only pushed her further in her career. And that’s the least any of Trump’s victims deserve.


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