30 Relatable 30th Birthday Memes & Jokes To Celebrate (Or Mourn) Turning 30

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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the loss of your 20s. Ok, ok, calm down. Jokes about turning 30 aside, congratulations! We hope these funny Happy 30th Birthday memes will help you celebrate!

For some people, turning 30 can certainly feel like a kind of death. The death of your youth. The end of an era. And if that sounds morbid, that's because it is. Let me explain...

It's not turning 30 years old that is the sad part; it's the way society has conditioned us to believe that no longer being in your 20s somehow means your life doesn't hold the same value anymore. This is especially true for women. Double standards, particularly those related to physical attractiveness, can make turning 30 feel understandably hard.

As someone who has "crossed over" to the other side of that particular big birthday, I can tell you that the negatives associated with turning 30 only exist in our minds.

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Age is literally just a number. You don't become 30 and all of a sudden morph into a version of one of the Golden Girls, although if you did, hey, there are far worse fates.

You know what turning 30 really means? It means that you are growing up. It's a privilege to still be here.

No matter what your outlook is on turning the big 3-0, approaching your 30th birthday can and should be a time of joy, and one of the best ways to celebrate this milestone is by sharing your excitement, gratitude, and lots and lots of humor with friends and family.

Here are 30 funny Happy 30th Birthday memes and turning 30 jokes to celebrate your big day.

30 Funny 30th Birthday Messages, Quotes, Memes and Jokes

1. "Welcome to your 30's, where every weekend is a baby shower and the hangovers last for two days."

Whose age is it anyway?

2. "Welcome to the age your childhood self couldn't even fathom. Happy 30th."

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Thinking about turning 30 seemed like a fairy tale when we were kids.

3. "Welcome to your 30's: where all your friends have babies, body parts hurt for no reason and being asleep by 9 p.m. is the regular routine, even on weekends."

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It's true — your body will start hurting in places you didn't know possible.

4. "I'm not 30. It's my 1st anniversary of my 29th bithday."

And you shall have many of these anniversaries.

5. "Hey girl, happy 30th birthday! You just keep getting more amazing."

How everyone should be greeted on their 30th birthday.

6. "I can't keep calm. It's my 30th birthday!"

Yes, you should be excited!

7. "Here's to being 30! Where a night of drinking requires more recovery time than minor surgery."

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This is completely accurate.

8. "Oh, it's your 30th birthday? You must be so mature."

Or not.

9. "I'm 30 but I still feel like I'm 20...until I hang out with 20 year olds. Then I'm like no, never mind, I'm 30."

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Definitely 30.

10. "Thirty was so strange for me. I've really had to come to terms with the fact that I am now a walking and talking adult." — C.S. Lewis

The age of 'adulting'.

11. "'You're still a rockstar' I whisper to myself as I take my multivitamin and climb in bed at 9:45."

That's right.

12. "People be like 'I'm engaged!' 'I'm getting married!' and I'm like 'Damn, I'm turning 30!'"

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When you're 30 and still single.

13. "Turning 30 like: I can feel myself rotting."

But do not fear; the end is not near.

14. "Too old for Snapchat. Too young for Life Alert."

That in-between age.

15. "Age is just a number? False: Age is a word."

Accuracy matters.

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16. "The dating pool in your 30's."

Naaaah. It's not that bad.

17. "I have an important birthday coming up and this is what I have to keep reminding myself: I'm not like a regular 30 year-old. I'm a cool 30 year-old!"

On Wednesdays, we still wear pink.

18. "People having babies... and I'm like... what country am I going to next?"

That's not necessarily a bad thing...

19. "Don't think of it as turning 30. Think of it as being old."

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It's all about perspective.

20. "Inside every thirty year old is an eighteen-year-old asking, 'What happened?'" — Ann Landers

It happens to the best of us.

21. "Congratulations on being one year closer to a senior citizen's discount at the movies."

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Always looking on the bright side.

22. "When someone says 'ten years ago' I think about the 90's, not the 2010s."

23. "You know you're old when you go to bed at the time you used to go out."

Yes, 10:00 p.m. is just too late now.

24. "I'm 'it's 8:30 and you want to start a movie this late?' years old."

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Can definitely confirm.

25. "Until she turns 30, a woman looks younger day by day. After 30, a woman is downright gorgeous!"

We're basically a fine wine.

26. "I don't care what people think of me. At least mosquitoes find me attractive."

Yeah, but the bites aren't so fun.

27. "How can you say we are old after 30?? We just became women! Like anyone took us seriously in our 20's... pshhh."

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Seriously, though!

28. "At least you're not turning 31."

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It's a point.

29. "I've decided I'm not old. I'm 25 plus shipping and handling."

Eventually, I'm going to be next day delivery status.

30. "I will be 29 until further notice."

You get to decide your truth.

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