25 Funny Texts & Memes To Send After Your First Date (So They Will Ask You On A Second Date!)

funny texts after a first date that will get you a second date

Admit it, we've all been there: having no clue what to text someone after a first date. Especially if you're interested in getting a second date. You had an amazing time with this person and are hoping for a second date, but ahhhh, what do you say?! 

A thousand thoughts run through your head. Should you text them first or wait for them to text you? You want to follow-up but can't think of anything cool to say. Or perhaps you guys are already texting (yay!) and your date is super witty, sends the funniest memes, but you are stuck at a loss for words. 

Whatever the case is, wouldn't it be great if there was some sort of list of ideas to text your date that are funny and would get you that second date? 

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Well, that's why having a collection of funny quotes on hand can be useful when you just don't know what to say in a text. Dating can be hard enough as is, which is why a little help is sometimes necessary.

Obviously you can't go through an entire relationship based on quotes and memes, but they can certainly serve as a great ice breaker to follow-up after a first date. 

Some quotes can initiate a conversation and some are perfect to use as a witty response during a conversation but either way, they will definitely make your date laugh. 

Most of us enjoy a person with a sense of humor, so by all means, if you just went out with someone who has no will to laugh, unfortunately, this list won't help. 

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This is perfect for when you guys had a great time together and you want to see this person again. 

This list features funny memes, jokes, phrases, and references from both film and television.

Read below for some hilarious quotes that are perfect for all sorts of texting scenarios after a first date, so that you can get the coveted second date with the man or woman of your dreams.

1. If your date is on the shorter side.

"Being short is okay. If the sky falls in, tall people will be killed first." — unknown

2. For a first date during the summer.

"'The f-ck is that?!' is the name I give 98% of summer insects." — unknown

3. For those dates who open up about their life struggles. 

"Don't be so hard on yourself. The mom in E.T. had an alien living in her house for days and didn't notice." unknown

4. I'm sure your date can relate to this.

"Some days I amaze myself. Other days I look for my phone while I'm talking on it." — unknown

5. The perfect follow-up during your lunch break at work.

"I'm just a girl, standing in front of a salad, asking it to be a donut." — unknown

6. When you feel like sharing some words of wisdom.

"When something goes wrong in your life, just yell 'Plot twist!' and move on." unknown

7. Who doesn't love naps?

"Taking naps sounds so childish. I prefer to call them horizontal life pauses." unknown

8. Some lighthearted political humor. 

"If someone throws something at President Trump, do the secret service say, 'Donald Duck'?" unknown

9. You can't go wrong with a Friends reference. 

"I'm not great at advice, but can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?" Chandler Bing

10. You'll have to follow up with a photo.

"I do a great impression of a hot dog." — Robin Williams 

11. A fun way to respond back.

"You're killin' me Smalls!" — The Sandlot 

12. It's always nice to give a compliment.

"You is kind. You is smart. You is important." The Help

13. If you're a shortie. 

"I'm not tiny. I'm travel sized for your convenience." — Mulan

14. A cute way to initiate a conversation.

"If you can think of a better fish pun let minnow." unknown

15. Your date will appreciate a good laugh during the work week.

"After Tuesday, even the calendar goes W T F." unknown

16. When you're on the subway and want to say hello.

"I wish more people were fluent in silence." — unknown

17. Just make sure your date is old enough to know the reference.

"It was me. I let the dogs out." unknown

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18. Some insightful thoughts. 

"How come 'you're a peach' is a compliment but 'you're bananas' is an insult? Why are we allowing fruit discrimination to tear society apart?" — unknown

19. Be sure to actually text it as a Chewbacca quote though. Otherwise your date will be very confused...

"Uuuuuuuuur ahhhhrrrrr uhrrrr ahhhhrrrrrr aaaarhg." Chewbacca

20. Another great one for the short people out there.

"Life is short and so am I." unknown

21. You may get a request for a performance from your date.

"I don't sing in the car. I perform." — unknown

22. Something funny to throw in if you're talking about your jobs.

"I'm always one step ahead...like a carpenter...that makes stairs." — The Office

23. This hilarious quote from a caller on The Ellen Show is great for a laugh.

"Honey I'll be honest...I love jesus but I drink a little." — Gladys Hardy

24. A clever way to break the ice if there's an age difference.

"It's not the years honey, it's the mileage." Raiders of the Lost Ark

25. This quote and photo reference is a fun response if you two are sending flirtatious texts. 

"I'm your density." — Back to the Future

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Jill Zwarensteyn is a writer and Michigan native. When she's not writing, Jill enjoys Zumba class, travel, and referencing classic Seinfeld episodes.