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Jupiter Finally Turns Direct On July 10th! What That Means For Your Love Life And Relationships

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Jupiter (finally) turns Direct and We’re Ready to Move Forward.

On July 10th when Jupiter turns direct in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, many of us will let out a long sigh of relief. Since March 8th, this planet has been in retrograde motion, giving us more time to go over the fine print before we move forward in our lives. And luckily, Jupiter won't turn retrograde again until April 2019! That's good news for your love horoscopes, at least.

In astrology, when the planet turns retrograde, it slows down every 13 months or so and lasts for approximately 4 months at a time. And during these retrograde phases, Jupiter asks us to also slow ourselves down and go through a time of philosophical or spiritual introspection before we move forward into a new area or eve era of our lives.

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Jupiter deals with issues like growth, development, satisfaction and success, so while in retrograde it’s these areas that we have to reflect upon.

While not surprising given the love energy of this year, for many this retrograde period was a phase where we were looking at our romantic patterns and also development of self as it relates to being in partnership with another. People enter into relationships every day, yet that doesn’t mean the majority of these will last or even be of benefit to our souls.

The thing to remember, especially if it seem everyone around you is single, is that not all relationships are created equal. Many of us enter into relationships for different reasons — because we’re lonely, it’s fun, or we just want to have a plus one to take to functions.

Regardless of reason, it’s very different to just start casually dating someone than entering into a relationship that we know will change our lives and will quite possibly last forever. Often, it’s these unions that take the longest to come to fruition because there is just so much more at stake than a simple "let’s just be friends if it doesn’t work out."

Jupiter knows that we are craving these deep relationships and in Scorpio, the sign of soulmates, the energy of this kind of love is only magnified. Before we are able to move forward romantically though, we often need to heal or at the very least reflect on the choices that we have made so far. We need to understand why we’ve done all we’ve done, and to make peace with our past so it doesn’t ruin our future.

This is what this retrograde phase has been about the past four months. It was about giving us more time in whatever area we were growing in so we could truly learn enough and show that we were ready for the new financial or romantic blessing that was going to be introduced in our lives.

This isn’t to say that we had to prove ourselves or that we weren't worthy as is, but there is a big difference between entering into a relationship that we aren’t sure where it’s going versus entering into a relationship that we believe will be our last.

And sometimes, the reality is we just need more time to become ready. The past four months have been challenging at times, especially as Jupiter governs optimism and good fortune.

For many of us, if we have had a specific relationship in our lives it was likely that we thought all hope was gone at one point. Likely, we questioned our feelings, and if it was even going to work — not because it wouldn’t but because during the past few months one or both partners needed to go within and do some internal work before being in the place to move forward.

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Being ready to enter into a relationship isn’t just a one-time decision or a thought process; instead, it’s a choice that we have to make every single day. We have to be ready to be engaged, to communicate, to share, to forgive and, of course, to love. Not because the relationship is difficult but the relationships that are going to bring out the best from us are also going to require we give the best of ourselves to it, and sometimes we just don’t feel we have that to give.

During Jupiter’s retrograde journey, we may also have found ourselves tested. Perhaps we had someone new come into our lives and it seemed things would be easier, or perhaps an ex came back out from the woodwork promising once again that they’ve changed for the better.

During these months, we quite literally were given an opportunity to see if we would do what we’ve always done, or If we have grown enough to make different choices. Perhaps this means that the bad boy type no longer entices us or that we’re finally ready to move on from an ex who only ever gave us empty promises.

Regardless of lesson, there is no doubt that we have not only been tested but also given time to see just how far we’ve come from the people we once were.

Sometimes, even once a cycle is broken, it takes time for us to truly see that we really are different people now, capable of making completely different choices. So the universe will often give us breaks of time in order for us to slow down and realize just how far we’ve come.

As Jupiter turns direct, we will begin to feel more clearly about who we are now, what we want from life and love, and also feel ready to move forward. Because of the tests we had undergone, we likely will feel ready to take on a new meaningful relationship and even commit to the person that we love more deeply.

Sometimes the only way for us to know that we’re ready to move forward is to realize that we’re not the same person we once were, because only then can we be sure that we act differently too. Because being ready for our forever love isn’t just a state of mind, but a state of being.

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