Are Josh And Aika From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together?

It was her first marriage but his third. Was three the charm?

Are Josh and Aika From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together? Instagram

Are Josh and Aika from 90-Day Fiancé still together? It's always fun to touch base with the couple from 90 Day Fiancé after the cameras have shut off and they've moved on with their married life. Will they have their happily ever after or did things go sour for them?

One of the couples that has audiences curious about their whereabouts is Josh and Aika. The 43-year-old home theatre installer married the 36-year-old aspiring model in the 2017 season of the TLC show. Their path to the altar was hardly strewn with roses but they finally said "I Do" in Vegas.


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Ae the two still together? Read on to find out.

1. Long Distance Love

Like a lot of the couples on this show, Josh and Aika connected online. Josh was twice divorced (and an alleged abuser) and a dad but he was ready to try again to find lasting love. Aika lived in the Philipines and fulfilled Josh's desire to date beautiful women. They met on OkCupid and struck up a relationship that way. Josh decided to fly to the Phillipines to meet her. It must have gone well because within a few days, he proposed.


2. Group House

Aika was willing to come to Mesa, AZ where Josh lives. He wasn't exactly providing her with luxury living conditions - Josh, at 43 years old, was living with two roommates and a number of animals, including a snake. Aika was slightly uncertain about moving into crowded house but was willing to give it a try.

3. Friend Zone

Once Aika arrives at the group house, Josh's roommates immediately disapprove of her. From the first meeting to a later outing to go to a shooting range to bond, it's pretty obvious Josh's friends don't trust Aika at all.

4. Career Prospects

Aikia never mentioned what she did for work in the Phillipines, but she and Josh think she's perfect for modeling work here in the States. At 36, she's easily 20 years older than most models when they start out, but they are not dissuaded. They visit an agent, who considers her for both modeling and acting work but don't sign her as a client once she tells them that she expects to be pregnant within two years.


5. Snipped

Pregnancy is going to be more difficult than Aika thinks because Josh has had a vasectomy. He also has no relationship with his kids, which doesn't seem to bother Aika. Aika is determined to pursue having a family with Josh, so they visit a fertility specialist who downplays the risks attached to vasectomy reversal — even if Josh could afford one, which he admits he can't — but tells Aika her ovaries are pretty old and she needs to start trying to get pregnant right away.

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6. Put A Ring On It

Josh takes Aika ring shopping even though he already gave her a ring back in the Philipines. The problem is, the ring was the same ring he gave one of his ex-wives. The ring she really wants is way out of Josh's price range so the couple leaves the store without purchasing anything at all.

7. Going to the Vegas Chapel

The couple finally makes it to Las Vegas to get married but not before meeting with Josh's parents for dinner. Josh's mom drops some serious truth on Aika by saying her son was a terrible husband and father and she's not optimistic that he's changed since his last divorce.


8. What Now

The couple is still together and they posted an update to Instagram that showed TLC cameras back in their house (which seems to be a new place where they live without roommates). It looks like they'll be featured on the TLC web series 90 Day Fiancé: What Now where fans will be able to learn what they've been doing and what their future plans are.

While fans wait for their web episode to air, you can follow them on Instagram.


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