Was XXXTentacion Expecting A Baby Before He Died? New Details On His Mom's Cryptic Instagram Post

The rapper may have an heir of his own.

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Fans are still mourning the death of their beloved rapper, XXXTentacion. The 20-year-old was shot and killed on June 18th, leaving fans heartbroken. Some still clung to hope that he was alive, coming up with different conspiracy theories surrounding his “suspicious” death and completely avoiding his troubled past with domestic violence and rape.

As some may remember, XXXTentacion was recently charged with beating his pregnant ex-girlfriend, who had to have reconstructive surgery on her face from the abuse.


But was XXXTentacion expecting a baby before he died, this time with his current girlfriend?

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On Thursday, XXXTentacion’s mother, Cleopatra Bernard, posted an ultrasound to Instagram with the caption, “He left us a final gift.”


He left us a final gift.

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On the rapper’s personal account, his publicist confirmed the news, saying, “May the new baby know his father was a legend.” Though we don’t know who his girlfriend is just yet, it’s safe to assume that the child is his. We are still unsure if his girlfriend knew she was pregnant before the shooting. It’s also likely that this is not the same woman as Geneva Ayala, his ex.


But according to TMZ, the rapper apparently knew his girlfriend was pregnant weeks ago. He didn’t reveal the news because he wanted her to have a stress-free pregnancy. And based on the sonogram photo, it was taken April 23rd, meaning his girlfriend was just about 8 weeks along. This means she’s about four months pregnant now and will likely give birth in mid-November.

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The baby will know his or her father was a “legend,” but will his unborn child know the extent of the allegations against him? As mentioned previously, the rapper was in the midst of facing charges against him for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Geneva Ayala. Ayala detailed her abuse in a 2017 deposition, and later set up a GoFundMe page (which has received an influx of donations since his death) to cover her extensive medical bills.


Should we assume that anyone who is violent enough to severely abuse a pregnant woman would have been a good father? I suppose that isn’t our call to make but it’s important to think about. Because a child should never be born into a violent home, and even though XXXTentacion has passed away, the stories his family will tell will be through rose-colored glasses.


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